Monday, April 30, 2012


Last week’s workouts and runs did me in. Was hardly functional during yesterday’s run (which I had to cut short; sorry Kei Ming!) and was mighty glad when Michael and I finished the shoulders-and-arms routine. Yes, despite the lethargy and lack-of-supposedly-energy (actually, it was more the hips being tired), I put in an hour of strength training after the run (lack of intelligence: evidence numero eins). Talk about baloney, right? Hey, at least I never claimed to be sane or coherent…whatever. Here’s yesterday and today’s routines (ditto: evidence numero zwei):


Single sets of:
a) Smith machine seated overhead shoulder press
b) Standing DB overhead shoulder press (sucky not because it was heavy; more of lack of balance)
c) Standing DB lateral raise
d) LF cable criss cross rear delt
e) LF cable upper back & shoulder rear delt row (think this was a superset with something else but for the life of me, I can’t recall what it was; see that’s what you get when you remain defiant and workout instead of RESTING!)

Supersets of:
f) LF cable bicep curl (I should take lessons from Kelvin Yew on this!)
g) LF cable tricep pressdown

Single set of:
h) Reverse abs crunches

Chest and Pecs

Single sets of:
a) Smith machine bench chest press a.k.a. face smashing and chest flattening move (drop sets on the last…eekks!) (I was momentarily pitying the guy who used the equipment before me when he saw Michael loading up the plate weights. No, this is NOT an ego flattering move…in fact, I would prefer to keep my face and chest as it is. Thank you very much)
b) Smith machine incline chest press (since we were doing “swimmingly” on the drop sets, why not continue the party, huh?)
c) LF cable chest fly (at which time my shoulders and left arm “flew” out of their sockets!)
d) Modified TRX push-ups (oh, so 17 reps…if we didn’t miss a count… is the “in” thing?)
e) Technogym cable dual handle chest press (the left side is significantly weaker…like this is a “new” revelation!)

Supersets of:
f) Free standing dips
g) Reverse abs crunches (again???!!! Although today Michael wanted me to hit his palm hard)

And so what did I do for the rest of the weekend…zzz and got pampered by Chhay. BTW, she’s the best! My calves are back to feeling normal-ish and the hammies are on the way (fingers and toes crossed, double crossed!).

And the romantic notion of taking these guys out for a test run was swapped in favour of the elliptical this morning. Oh well, perhaps tomorrow. And it’s a public holiday tomorrow!!!

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