Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Recovery Run – 24 April 2012

Route: Lap around Taman Desa
Distance: 6km (Garmin: 5.76km – definitely something went off because I usually see 5.90-5.95km)
Timing: 30:46 for 5:20 min/km pace

No game plan per say for this morning – basically something short or maybe even long but the overriding factor would be SLOW. Something to shake out the legs after Sunday’s event. Did it happen? Not sure…it was short…the pace seemed “slower” for the distance recorded but if this was the usual distance…maybe it was a tad too fast. And no, please do not tell me that this is the “new” SLOW!

House to turn off at Jalan Desa via Old Klang Road (2.839km; 15:17)
Felt good because it was flat and there were tailwinds along the highway. Yeah enjoy it while it lasts, BEFORE the 1.8-2km climb in Taman Desa.

Long continuous climb on Jalan Desa (1.784km; 9:48)
Whoa…now regret sets in…should I done the flattish Desa Waterpark route. Why didn’t anyone knock any sense into me?!?!?!?!?! Whatever. I. Am. Finishing. After. This.

Back to the house (1.138km; 5:37)
Wee! My favourite section – downhill, downhill and downhill. Did I mention downhill? So that gave me a bit of a momentum to push the pace on the flat straight road back to the house.

Bento Box Lunch: definitely very Japanese today – got these candy for dessert from one of the ladies from the gym


Porcine Glory said...

hi sue, i live and run in taman desa 4 times a week. never seen someone blazing my village at your training speed so i guess ive never seen you.

my usual route is approx 4.5 km around taman desa and the taman danau desa. If i go out to the highway and thru waterpark its a 5.5km route.

What is this LG route that you speak of?

Sue's Ramblings said...

There are a few routes - I may have got the names wrong and I'll try to describe them as best as I can:
a) lap around Taman Desa Seputeh that's about 3.3-3.4 km
b) from Taman Seputeh to Old Klang Road, turn left to Jalan Desa (I think?), past the fire station, turn left to the uphill climb along Jalan Taman Desa (?) and then left back to Taman Seputeh
c) same as (b) but instead of heading towards Jalan Taman Desa, go further up to Desa waterpark and turnaround
d) Taman Seputeh to Old Klang Road, cross the overhead bridge to Kampung Pasir and turnaround

Do you run in the mornings or evenings?

Porcine Glory said...


i run evenings on weekdays(tue,thurs,sat) and my sunday long run is usually at 6am. 4 - 5 rounds of taman desa (4.5km)

The left turn after the firestation is into uphill climb on Jalan Desa Utama. thats a 550m hill. I live at the top of that climb.. so its a nice way to finish :)

Im guessing you live in seputeh. i used to run there from taman desa to bukit desa and under the tunnel near the komuter station. Nice to go there because of the hills and something else to look at than the same old scenery.

4.5km = Jalan Desa utama from hospital side to lake side. Turn right and quik left, go past mosque and down to danau desa, past shops, turn left at abandon school to abadi. Turn right and run back to hospital.