Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Another Leg Carnage – Leg Massacre Part 3 and Indoor Triathlon Challenge

Er er what part are we up to now on the Leg Massacre “trilogy”? 4? 5? Seriously, it’s a continuous cycle of sado-masochism; I really do pity you guys who have to read these posts, day in day out, week in week out. Anyway, Blogger Search says past editions are here and here. Odd, I thought there’s more to that since there’s definitely 1 leg workout every week. Without FAIL.

Supersets of:
a) EPIC hack squat (590-600lbs didn’t feel too bad…maybe I cheated and didn’t go low enough. Yeah I can be partial to Michael’s call of “not low enough”)
b) {My absolute favourite…NOT!} Cybex weight plate loaded leg squat press (presumably my so-not-sexy grunts = trilled to be doing 690lbs…TWICE or maybe it was THRICE?)
c) Cybex seated calf raises (Sunday’s and yesterday’s runs probably did me in since the upper calves went into some sort of spasm on the initial reps. Or maybe they weren’t born to be doing 75lbs?)

Supersets of:
d) DB walking lunges (no respite here and if I could lift the DB, I would have smashed it on Michael)
e) Jumping jacks/squats (180 degree turnaround – this was the least difficult of the 2. Times have indeed changed)

Supersets of:
f) Technogym leg extension
g) Nautilus Nitro Plus hip adduction (well, hello there inner thigh…could you please be a bit more flexible?!?!?!)

Single set of:
h) Reverse abs crunches

I should seriously stop plonking my whines here but that would mean I need to look for an alternative victim. Applications are opened…BTW.

And onto something different. Here are the information and sign-up for the Indoor Triathlon (somewhat a misnomer eh? Especially since it doesn’t include the “traditional” disciplines of a triathlon) being put up by Celebrity Fitness. Anyone up for a challenge? It doesn’t seem that difficult and with a bit of practice (and maybe workouts like this morning!!!! LOL!), you should be able to ace it easily. Piece of cake.

Bento Box Breakfast: Red bean pau

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