Wednesday, June 29, 2016

I'm Back!

It’s been a busy few months (ok, a few years) with the re-org at work and with that the changed dynamics at the office (subtle way of saying…you know what!). I’ll try to get back to regular posting and by that I mean, a post every few months. Wahahahahaha!

The day started early and yet I only have time for a 1-mile warm up?!?! What gives???!!! Compounding the misery was my-most-dreaded-body part-workout aka legs! I guess this would be the time to apply the adage “get it over and done with”.

Leg Workout

Supersets of:
a)    Squats (naturally it wouldn’t be a workout if the weight plates do not keep stacking up!)
b)    DB sumo squats (this was a high rep workout so the DB even at 27-30lbs didn’t feel too strenuous)

The nightmare continues…

Supersets of:
c)     Leg hack squat (horrifyingly for me…the weight plates continue to stack up. Are we seeing a pattern here????!!!)
d)    Jumping squats (OMFG! Gotta be kidding…that many squats?!?! And in succession?!?!)

Supersets of:
e)    Leg extension (for the first time this morning, we kept to the same weights!)
f)     Prone leg curl (we had to swap this with the split lunges since the legs were jello-o-o-o-o after the multiple squats)

Supersets of:
g)    Calf raises (nothing tragic happened)
h)    Split lunges (ah…much better…I meant my form or at least I didn’t look like a drunkard on the gym floor like I did during the first set which we tried after the leg extension)

Capping off Wednesday morning with abs crunches on the Precor.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Chinese New Year

Short, super slow trot/walk around Bird Park – Planetarium – National Mosque route this morning. I mean it! It was a shuffle, walk whatever. I like walking actually – it’s so underrated. I like the quiet meditative time.

Ok, enough of Zen talk. Here’s what happened in the office yesterday evening.

But before that…this was on standby for the lion. Oh whew…lucky the lion didn’t “makan” the octo. It would have been takoyaki feast in that case.

Monday, February 15, 2016


A revival of sorts I guess. Yup, it has been sometime – no justifiable excuses. It’s just that I lost the spirit to blog and needed some time out. This will be a short one post and we’ll see how things go from here. No promises that the posts will suddenly flood the blog; actually I’m still thinking if I’ll even hit “print” on this one.
Despite the CNY hols last week (perfect excuse for slacking!), Michael and I put in 3 full days [pat on the back, please]. So this morning’s session didn’t really felt there was any time away.

Back & Lats

Supersets of:
a)    LF cable lat pulldown (Guna used to call this the “mother of all back workouts” and “mother” did really made sure we worked the lats as the weight bar kept increasing)
b)    BB deadlifts (IMHO a 5’ + girl looks odd handling the long 45lbs bar; just too difficult balancing which got worse when the weight plates were included. The thought that kept me going: stop whining, the faster you get this done, the closer we’ll be done!)

Supersets of:
c)     LF low row with a straight bar (not too bad…until the weight stacks started going up in which case FML!)
d)    BB bendover row (at least we didn’t use the long bar! Yeah, sorta consolation)

Supersets of single arm:
e)    Bendover DB row (wasn’t too bad)
f)     Overhead DB row (whatever…it’s something like an overhead swing but not really; this was tough for me coz I’ve weak upper arms/shoulder/back muscles)

{Finale} supersets of:
g)    Chin-ups (why does the toughest one have to be the last????!!!)
h)    Precor Abs Crunch

And we’re done!

Some random pics from the weekend…where I ran outta body lotion and sub that with face cream…and when that ran out, sub that with whatever I could scrap from the body lotion bottle and dropped some lavender oil (hey…this is to maximize mileage).

So it was a whew…when I got my hands on the body crème last nite. The Natta box? Oh, that’s my just-ordered face mask (it’s green and I probably scared the hellavu anyone who I passed by).

And this is my angpow from our team head. Wanna take a guess on the amount? Let’s just say we’re super happy.

Monday, August 24, 2015

What's up Wednesday?

Woke up to the pitter patter of rain and stayed up! Yeah, I’m probably the oddball who doesn’t take any opportunity for a lie in on a cool-so-nice-to-snuggle-under-the-covers. In fact, I even upped the ante with some stretches before heading to the gym. Now go buy the lottery!

Oh, the abs still hurt from Monday’sworkout. So zilch laughing or coughing for the moment.

Functional Training

Something a little (little???!!! This is a whole new ballgame altogether!) different from the usual. I just roll with the times, not that I had any choice.

Deign (spell?) set of:
a)    Walking lunges
b)    T-bar side lunges
c)     Running 1 box forward, 1 box back, 2 boxes forward, 2 boxes back, 3 boxes forward…you get the idea (running like a mad woman I might add!)
d)    Jumping squats
e)    Moving, beating, hitting the rope on the floor + squat (beats me what’s the actual name!)
f)     Jumping squats into the inside rim/circle of the lorry tyre (basically in and out completing the circle)
h)    T-bar bendover row
i)      Free-standing dips
j)     Free-standing chin ups
k)    Precor abs crunch

As you can see, my vocab on functional training is limited…heck my coordination is also limited…which was why it was really embarrassing doing it on the gym floor this morning. If you don’t mind, I’ll put a paper bag over my head in the next few days.

Holy Moly!

That’s right, folks…holy moly morning! I overslept and was this II to being late for this morning’s training. Nevertheless to say, I had zilch time for cardio and had to jump right into the following. Ok, back track, I blame it on yesterday evening’s Gua Sha – oh BTW, it wasn’t as “painful” as the massage prior to that. For that, I’m still traumatized! And my neck, shoulders and back are sporting red welts and bruising. Call it the badge of honour! Not sure if I’ll go back – like I say, the combo of both treatments were traumatizing.

Tell me why I didn’t op for a leg workout given that the entire back felt like a truck rolled over me?!?!?! Then again, perhaps it did me good to work out those knots and whatever toxins remained in the shoulder blades. Surprisingly (or not!), I felt much better after the workout.

Shoulders & Delts

Supersets of:
a)    Precor overhead shoulder press (slow going but hey, I got a bonus set…to my horror!)
b)    Standing BB overhead shoulder press (you know it seems like both workouts are the same…it is! And that’s like 30 reps at one go…go figure if your shoulders aren’t begging for mercy!)

Supersets of (on Bosu):
c)     DB lateral raise
d)    Medicine ball frontal raise (nothing too dramatic for this superset except they inflated the Bosu to the max)

Supersets of:
e)    TRX shoulder delt row
f)     Bendover DB rear delt row on bench

Supersets of (on Bosu):
g)    BB upright row
h)    KB shrugs

Finishing off the morning with abs roll out.

Here are some pics from yesterday’s evening supposedly-TLC-time…don’t let the pics fool you…it was all nice until I stepped into the “torture chamber”. Ah but I’ve no one else to blame except myself – pretty much given since my muscles were all tight and inflexible.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Monday Blues

Taking an enforced break to concentrate on strength training and yoga. Nothing dramatic or unusual. It’s been a while since we focused on one or 2 activities; working on technique and hoping {operative word!} to lift heavier. We’ll see.

Shoulders & Delts

Supersets of:
a)    Precor overhead shoulder press (one thing I learnt this morning, no, actually it’s something I forgot and was reinforced, if you mess up on one rep or don’t do the full range, you gotta do it again!)
b)    Standing DB overhead shoulder press (lucky me, it wasn’t the Arnold press. Now that would be a killer!)

Supersets of:
c)     LF cable frontal raise (doesn’t help when M kept telling me to raise it higher than my…stomach level…LOL! Oh yeah, if you do fluke shots, you gotta do it again…and again…)
d)    DB lateral raise

Supersets of:
e)    Technogym cable rear delt row (not too shabby)
f)     Bendover DB rear delt row (not too shabby)

Super{duper} sets of:
g)    KB upright row
h)    KB shrugs
i)      Abs rollout (whee!)

The best part of this morning’s workout? Homemade multigrain bar. Oh heavenly.

So what were you up to this morning? Or weekend?

Monday, January 12, 2015

Not a great start

So this happened

And I waited for half a day before going to the clinic to get it “professionally” cleaned up. Hey I still think that my skin-coloured bandaids look way cooler and unassuming compared to the final outcome from the clinic.

And I think I gave the “kind elderly” doc a fright when I told him I went to the gym after cleaning up myself.

And this was this morning’s workout (we skipped the leg curl coz Michael didn’t think we can rest the knees on the bench. Heck, he even suggested we skipped the workout entirely.)


Single set of:
a)    Cybex weight plate loaded leg squat press (whoa! It’s been some time since we did this and the legs remembered the after-effects. Oh wait…there was an offer to do the “easier” machine leg press which was “stupidly” declined.)

Supersets of:
b)    Technogym leg extension (didn’t realized the weight stack was increased and was wondering WTH I was struggling in the last 2 sets)
c)     Weight plate static lunges

Supersets of:
d)    BB deadlift
e)    Jumping squats

Single set of:
f) Reverse abs crunches