Monday, August 24, 2015

What's up Wednesday?

Woke up to the pitter patter of rain and stayed up! Yeah, I’m probably the oddball who doesn’t take any opportunity for a lie in on a cool-so-nice-to-snuggle-under-the-covers. In fact, I even upped the ante with some stretches before heading to the gym. Now go buy the lottery!

Oh, the abs still hurt from Monday’sworkout. So zilch laughing or coughing for the moment.

Functional Training

Something a little (little???!!! This is a whole new ballgame altogether!) different from the usual. I just roll with the times, not that I had any choice.

Deign (spell?) set of:
a)    Walking lunges
b)    T-bar side lunges
c)     Running 1 box forward, 1 box back, 2 boxes forward, 2 boxes back, 3 boxes forward…you get the idea (running like a mad woman I might add!)
d)    Jumping squats
e)    Moving, beating, hitting the rope on the floor + squat (beats me what’s the actual name!)
f)     Jumping squats into the inside rim/circle of the lorry tyre (basically in and out completing the circle)
h)    T-bar bendover row
i)      Free-standing dips
j)     Free-standing chin ups
k)    Precor abs crunch

As you can see, my vocab on functional training is limited…heck my coordination is also limited…which was why it was really embarrassing doing it on the gym floor this morning. If you don’t mind, I’ll put a paper bag over my head in the next few days.

Holy Moly!

That’s right, folks…holy moly morning! I overslept and was this II to being late for this morning’s training. Nevertheless to say, I had zilch time for cardio and had to jump right into the following. Ok, back track, I blame it on yesterday evening’s Gua Sha – oh BTW, it wasn’t as “painful” as the massage prior to that. For that, I’m still traumatized! And my neck, shoulders and back are sporting red welts and bruising. Call it the badge of honour! Not sure if I’ll go back – like I say, the combo of both treatments were traumatizing.

Tell me why I didn’t op for a leg workout given that the entire back felt like a truck rolled over me?!?!?! Then again, perhaps it did me good to work out those knots and whatever toxins remained in the shoulder blades. Surprisingly (or not!), I felt much better after the workout.

Shoulders & Delts

Supersets of:
a)    Precor overhead shoulder press (slow going but hey, I got a bonus set…to my horror!)
b)    Standing BB overhead shoulder press (you know it seems like both workouts are the same…it is! And that’s like 30 reps at one go…go figure if your shoulders aren’t begging for mercy!)

Supersets of (on Bosu):
c)     DB lateral raise
d)    Medicine ball frontal raise (nothing too dramatic for this superset except they inflated the Bosu to the max)

Supersets of:
e)    TRX shoulder delt row
f)     Bendover DB rear delt row on bench

Supersets of (on Bosu):
g)    BB upright row
h)    KB shrugs

Finishing off the morning with abs roll out.

Here are some pics from yesterday’s evening supposedly-TLC-time…don’t let the pics fool you…it was all nice until I stepped into the “torture chamber”. Ah but I’ve no one else to blame except myself – pretty much given since my muscles were all tight and inflexible.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Monday Blues

Taking an enforced break to concentrate on strength training and yoga. Nothing dramatic or unusual. It’s been a while since we focused on one or 2 activities; working on technique and hoping {operative word!} to lift heavier. We’ll see.

Shoulders & Delts

Supersets of:
a)    Precor overhead shoulder press (one thing I learnt this morning, no, actually it’s something I forgot and was reinforced, if you mess up on one rep or don’t do the full range, you gotta do it again!)
b)    Standing DB overhead shoulder press (lucky me, it wasn’t the Arnold press. Now that would be a killer!)

Supersets of:
c)     LF cable frontal raise (doesn’t help when M kept telling me to raise it higher than my…stomach level…LOL! Oh yeah, if you do fluke shots, you gotta do it again…and again…)
d)    DB lateral raise

Supersets of:
e)    Technogym cable rear delt row (not too shabby)
f)     Bendover DB rear delt row (not too shabby)

Super{duper} sets of:
g)    KB upright row
h)    KB shrugs
i)      Abs rollout (whee!)

The best part of this morning’s workout? Homemade multigrain bar. Oh heavenly.

So what were you up to this morning? Or weekend?

Monday, January 12, 2015

Not a great start

So this happened

And I waited for half a day before going to the clinic to get it “professionally” cleaned up. Hey I still think that my skin-coloured bandaids look way cooler and unassuming compared to the final outcome from the clinic.

And I think I gave the “kind elderly” doc a fright when I told him I went to the gym after cleaning up myself.

And this was this morning’s workout (we skipped the leg curl coz Michael didn’t think we can rest the knees on the bench. Heck, he even suggested we skipped the workout entirely.)


Single set of:
a)    Cybex weight plate loaded leg squat press (whoa! It’s been some time since we did this and the legs remembered the after-effects. Oh wait…there was an offer to do the “easier” machine leg press which was “stupidly” declined.)

Supersets of:
b)    Technogym leg extension (didn’t realized the weight stack was increased and was wondering WTH I was struggling in the last 2 sets)
c)     Weight plate static lunges

Supersets of:
d)    BB deadlift
e)    Jumping squats

Single set of:
f) Reverse abs crunches

Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy New Year 2015!

Time for some catch up. Yeah, I know it’s been some time since I last posted and can I throw in the oft-used-cataphrase-busy-with-work? Ok, guess not. Anyway, let’s kick things off with some lovely Xmas messages and gifts…hey, who doesn’t like pics and who will not melt at seeing these:

It was back to {hard} work this morning with Michael after a short warm up. Operational work here is “short” like a 1km trot around the neighbourhood. And yes, it was ONE km, not a typo of 10 or 11k or whatever.

Shoulders & Delts

Single sets of:
a) Smith machine seated shoulder overhead press (first set doesn’t count coz if it did, we wouldn’t have topped 40lbs)
b) {my nemesis} DB lateral raise
c) Standing DB Arnold press (this wasn’t too bad. For real. Only coz we use a lighter weight…to start!)

Supersets of:
d) DB bendover rear delt fly
e) Nautilus rear delt fly (worked both the shoulders and upper back if you do it correctly which I’ll lay no claim to this)

Supersets of:
f) KB upright row (again, not too bad)
g) KB shrugs (again, again, not too bad)

Single sets of:
h) DB bicep curl (ever noticed that we keep doing the biceps but not the triceps?!?! Gotta put a note in to Michael)
i) Reverse abs crunches

And now, if you don’t mind me…I’m gonna nurse my sore glutes from that warm up. What?!?! You don’t get DOMS from short runs????!!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Bank of America Chicago Marathon Expo 2014

Date: 10 - 11 October 2014
Venue: McCormick Place, Chicago, Illinois, US
Why the expo was so awesome?

Overall: fabulous and well organized.

1.   Easy peasy bib pick up. All you need to do is show your registration print out or the code from your mobile and they’ll let you know which counter to head to. What I didn’t realize was when the code is scanned, it automatically prompts the guys at the counter to have your bib ready, which is was when I came out from the restroom (yeah, I made a detour). In-and-out in 2 minutes max (minus the toilet break). There were loads of counters, so no worries about congestion.

2.  Next  you head to the event tee pick up counters – these were organized according to sizes and again, in-and-out in 2 minutes. I was there on Friday morning, probably a low period, not sure if there were any crowds on the later part of the day or Saturday.


3.  Remember how everyone gushes about how awesome-sauce major marathon expos are? No different here – too many sponsor booths, too many giveaways (including a race entry into the Puerto Rico Marathon, Kashi, Powerbars, Clif Bars etc), too many race event booths etc. Too many choices! Too many discounts! You could literally spend the whole day there! No wonder they say your plastic gets working hard and working right away!

This is just some of the food I got!

4.    The highlight: meeting the legendary Bart Yasso!

Friday, October 24, 2014

City Running Tour – River Walk & Navy Pier

Date: 13 October 2014
Venue: The Bean > Chicago River > Navy Pier > The Bean
Distance: ~ 3.4 miles
Timing: ~ 90 minutes

And so someone aka yours truly thought it was a par excellence and extraordinaire to do a running city tour the day after this. Hey it was either doing it pre Chicago (equivalent to “tiring” out the legs on battered body after traveling through a few time zones) or post Chicago (equivalent to shuffling around like an old lady). In the end, it turned out to be post as rest overruled fun.

Oh hey, this post looks like is turning out to be “race” recap like! Anyway, back to the topic. This has be one of the highlights of my visit to Chi-Town and definitely one of the best ways to see the city. I highly recommend you do this! Don’t be intimidated by the word “run” since the pace is basically “smell the flower” pace and I guarantee you that I did no running whatsoever except for the few metres for the photo op. Of course, you need to “run” or look like run for the photos! Oh darn it! I even wore my jeans instead of some semblance of running gear coz I wasn’t expecting to run.

Here's the feeble attempt to "run"
Photo credits to Marlin

This was originally scheduled for the Friday before Chicago but due to my rescheduled flights, I asked Marlin (who so graciously!) to allow me to do it on Monday which in turned, turned out to be a one-on-one tour.

We met at The Bean around 7:15am and Marlin gave a brief history of the Americas, Chicago and the river before we started our journey. Yippity yak, yippity yak, yippity yak and soon we were close to the first stop where Marlin brought out some photos, charts etc and continued the earlier briefing. This was also the first photo shoot. Now, just look at that gal running! BTW, those first few steps felt like a dagger digging deep into the quads!

Walk, walk, walk. Yippity yak, yippity yak, yippity yak. Here we are at the turnaround – Navy Pier and I definitely don’t look like Sylvester Stallone in Rambo in this pose. More interesting talk about how Navy Pier and “windy city” came about. Bet you didn’t know that “windydoesn’t actually mean the weather! Me neither! It’s a reference to the “nonsense” coming out from politicians’ mouth and the long winded presentation of the Chicago team during the bid for the World Expo.

Photo credits to Marlin as well

Repeat para 2 and before you know it, we’re back at the Chicago Tribune building. Marlin pointed out that each country/event is imprinted on the walls of the building.

The Notes from Marlin
Thank goodness Marlin emailed this to me…coz I could never remember everything from the tour. So for those of you who are interested in the history of the Chicago River & Navy Pier, read along:
The lesson of the day is our environment can be very forgiving if we are responsible stewards.  The concept applies anywhere we live.  The following are some fast facts we covered during your tour:
1)    The geographic location of the Chicago River is the reason why Chicago became a major metropolitan center in the U.S.  It allowed for the growth of a major transportation center that connects the Midwest to the Atlantic seaboard and the Gulf of Mexico.
2)    The flow of the river is considered lazy with a slow moving current.  As Chicago grew during the 1800's the river was used as an open sewer receiving massive amounts of industrial and human waste. 
3)    Chicago residents get their drinking water from Lake Michigan.  During the 1800's the city experienced epidemics of waterborne diseases including typhoid, cholera, and dysentery.  This led to the reversal of the river so that the waste dumped into it would flow south, away from the lake.
4)    Navy Pier was completed in 1916 and was first called Metropolitan Pier number 2.  It was renamed Navy Pier in 1927 in honor of World War I veterans.  The U.S. Navy leased it in the 1940's to use as a pilot training facility.  Today it is the state of Illinois number 1 tourist attraction.
5)    Today there are over 200 WWII fighter planes on the bottom of Lake Michigan.
6)    The 41st president of the U.S., George H W Bush, trained as a pilot at Navy Pier.
7)    The Ferris wheel at Navy Pier is symbolic of the 1st Ferris wheel ever built.  The 1st Ferris wheel was designed and assembled for the 1893 Columbian Exposition.  (World’s Fair)
8)    Navy Pier is the state of Illinois number 1 tourist attraction.  It boosts the nation’s 2nd largest children’s museum.
9)    A 1970 study of the Chicago River revealed that there were 17 species of aquatic life in the river.  During this period the non-profit organization "Friends of the Chicago River" started a major river cleanup initiative.  A 2010 study of the river revealed there were over 70 species of aquatic life in the river.  The river cleanup initiative exemplifies the point; "our environment can be very forgiving if we are responsible stewards."
10) The name "Windy City" has nothing to do with wind. It is a derogative vernacular Chicago was labeled with based on political sparring. It suggests our city politicians are long winded and full of hot air.

Navy Pier

And the Rocky pose! Photo credits to Marlin

a)    Super well organized and informative and Marlin is a fantastic tour leader.
b)    Accommodative – Marlin even suggested I come in on Saturday morning (Chicago Tragic Events) when he found out about my travel predicaments.
c)     Tour time was about 90 minutes – just right, not too long before you get bored, not too short that you feel like you didn’t get anything out of it.

Walking thru the tunnel along the river

d)    Photo ops and FOC too! They put up the photos and Flickr where you can download them. Yeah, I’m looking at you, major run events! Charging something like $30-50 is just a bit too much for me.
e)    And just like a running event, you get a swag.
f)     Follow-up email – if you’re like me, you probably won’t be able to remember all the details, so Running Tour emails the brief to you.

a)    Can’t think of any! That’s how great a job Marlin did on Monday!
a)    Check Groupon or LivingSocials for deals – I got mine off LivingSocial and it was very well worth the deal.
b)    Read up on reviews – Marlin and his team received many thumbs up on TripAdvisor and which is why I went with them.
c)     Go without any expectation and enjoy the journey.
d)    Do this in spring or fall when the temps and weather are perfect for an early morning jaunt. Running Tours do have other longer runs and these could take up more time, so if you sign up for these, spring and fall would be great. I guess you can do the shorter ones in all seasons…except maybe winter…in which case, you’ll probably be RUNNING rather than shuffling along like I did. Who knows…maybe you do enjoy cooler temps; just not me to have chattering teeth for 3 miles.

Photo log (photo credits to Marlin as well):

Swag - Clif Bar included!