Monday, April 23, 2012

Nike Finisher’s Tee, Run 350 and Back to Reality Monday

And so there was the great weekend that involve

Getting my hands on the Nike finisher’s tee for the Goddess race. Oh yeah, it’s a cotton dri fit tee – anyone tried them before? I mean it’s cotton and it’s dri fit? My first!

Running the Run350. Here’s the swag which was filled with more than the usual goodies (e.g. shoe bag, Newton socks, running vest, sunblock, Jacob’s biscuits, muscle rub etc) and the finisher’s medal.

Unfortunately, time flies when you’re having fun because it’s now Reality Monday and it started with a chest workout. Yeah, nothing jolts you outta the lumber with the BB coming this close to smashing your face!

Supersets of:
a) Smith machine bench chest press (this one nearly fell flat on my face)
b) DB bench chest press

Single sets of:
c) Smith machine incline chest press (this one too!)
d) LF cable seated chest fly

Supersets of:
e) DB pull-over (this one as well…ok, these are beginning to sound whiny)
f) LF cable pressdown with iron bar

Supersets of:
g) Free-standing dips (amazing! Don’t rub your eyes…this workout was actually amazing coz I could do it without looking like a dork)
h) {dork action coming up…you’ve been sufficiently warned!} Modified handstand push-ups on Bosu

Supersets of:
i) Leg raises
j) Abs crunches (this was sandwiched between leg raises i.e. I had to do the leg raises twice…to count as a SINGLE set!)

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