Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Labour Day Run & Post-Labour Day Workout

The title should be aptly called “Let’s Trash the Legs!”. So apart from taxing and stressing the legs, I inadvertently hacked my big toes in the Sprint – do as I say, not as I do: virgin run in new shoes should be kept short, slow and on flattish route. End result: blood under the big toenails. Also, please keep your nails short. Haiz.

Double Hill Training – 1 May 2012
Route: DH
Distance: 10-ishkm (Garmin: 10.6km)
Timing: 57:33 for 5:24 min/km pace

No particular plan when I headed downtown yesterday morning; will go with whatever menu everyone was doing. On new VFFs. I need to get my head examined…SOONER than later. Ran with Adam who wanted to do a shorter distance after his long run on Sunday (didn’t see KK whom Adam had texted the night before) while Vijay, Azri and a few others decided on tackling the Hartamas route.

BA junction to Bukit Tunku (5.085km; 27:34)
First step and the big toes screamed louder than a baby’s first cry! This is gonna be a long ride…and it was. Long. Painful. Ride.

First Hill @ Bukit Tunku (2.348km; 13:11)
Slow 1.5-1.7km climb, like really slow. On squashed screaming big toes. And the left second toe decided to join the party.

Lebuhraya Mahameru Slope (1.443km; 7:38)
I always thought this was the most punishing section of the DH route despite the “gentler” slope owing to having expend your tank in the former section.

Second Hill @ Carcosa / Padang Merbuk (1.771km; 9:06)
Back to hills and the only consolation is that it’s short, way shorter, oh maybe 20% of the first climb.

Done, Done. Done. Not sure when will be the next Sprint run – my toes are traumatized beyond belief.

Leg Workout
This morning’s date with Michael…on funky and throbbing toenails. Nope, I couldn’t beg a day off since we weren’t exactly gonna work the toe muscles (do toes have muscles anyway?!?!?!); the only workout which we could remotely skip would be the lunges…I kept my mouth shut and finished them anyway…coz you know…you know…I’m sadistic.

Single sets of:
a) Smith machine squats (which UNFORTUNATELY started with 45lbs and increased incrementally by 25lbs…ON EACH SIDE. And someone has stolen the foam for the neck/shoulder brace thingy and I was stuck with a thin, squashed and should-be-discarded one…and it killed my neck. Come to think of it, this was more a problem than the actual workout.)
b) Cybex leg squat press (f**k-ed up the third set, rather 1 rep, when the weight went up to 690lbs which meant that set DIDN”T count and I had to repeat the d*** thing again. So yeah, 5 for this)
c) DB walking lunges (whew! Lucky Michael didn’t include any split lunges or jumping squats with this)

Supersets of:
d) Technogym leg extension
e) Nautilus Nitro Plus Hip Abduction (crappers…I wonder if Michael realized that the pin was stuck with the incremental baby weight stack as well…that’s an additional 5lbs. Yes, I choose to be whiny…it’s my blog!)
f) Nautilus Nitro Plus Hip Adduction (have a feeling Michael did realized the extra weight and chose to ignore it)

Supersets of:
g) Cybex prone leg curl (what is it with the pin on the smaller incremental weight stacks this morning?!?!?! This workout came with it as well!)
h) Precor AbCrunch

Bento Box Lunch
Same old, same old but am switching my after lunch cuppa with Milo today

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