Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Leg Whine-fest aka Legs Massacre Part 4

Another edition of legs massacre proudly brought to you by the-blogger-who-has-been-dumping-her-whines-on-you. Er you guys are pretty patient to still be hanging around here. Some of the previous whine-fest here, here, here, here.

Hill training yesterday and a “lovely” leg workout this morning.

Solo Run – 19 June 2012

Route: 2 laps around Taman Desa Seputeh + 1 lap around Taman Seputeh
Distance: 2 * 4km + 2km = 10km (Garmin: 9.55km)
Timing: 51:04 for 5:20 min/km pace
Warm up: House to train station (397m; 2:35)

I was nervous about running solo (Kenny had a prior commitment) and was tossing the coin on doing it near the house or tackling the Seputeh/Taman Desa hills. Yes, nervous – a couple of things can happen when I run solo: starting out too fast and hence blowing up (usual during races) or cutting short the route. Hence to avoid the latter, I made my way to Seputeh and started out with an easy jog to the train station.

Lap 1 (3.409km; 18:12)
Temps were cooler and took the edge of the climbs, MARGINALLY. They paved and re-tarred the roads (just the first km) but had not marked out the bumps i.e. the bumps were still there and not painted. Luckily, I only lost my footing just once.

Lap 2 (3.379km; 17:57)
Been trying to keep an even pace or negative splitting (this is rare!!!!! I blow up 99.99999999999% of the time!) during training and races. Still a long way to go. Managed a couple of “Good Mornings” to some of the folks and managed to NOT FACE PLANT the bumps!

Finishing mile: Train station to house via Old Klang Road loop (2.364km; 12:15)
Felt “speedier” (this is relative of course) on the 800m climb – think the temps had something to do with that. Or I was just impatient to get it over and done with? Had the silly image of my fat butt rocking left and right as I climb – sorry TMI! Hey, isn’t that how glutes work on climbs?!?!?!?!

Finished up with an easy and short cross training on the elliptical at the gym after that.

Wednesday’s Operation Converting Legs to Jello

Arms, back and abs were so sore from Monday’s workout – whoever knew the rollers actually works! So the legs workout make sense…in theory…on paper.

Single sets of:
a) EPIC hack squat (we or rather Michael made me test out the 690-700lbs level; nope, still difficult – I’m beginning to think that I’ll never break the threshold stranglehold)
b) Cybex plate loaded leg squat press (<insert OMG moments from Kuching> coz not only was it 690lbs but it was a laddered workout ie 4 sets was just the going up the ladder which BTW if it escapes your memory, you need to descent to your starting plate weight.)
c) Technogym leg extension (<insert abovementioned OMG moment>; dropsets – the joy of my life)
d) Cybex prone leg curl

Supersets of:
e) Nautilus Nitro Plus Hip Abduction
f) Nautilus Nitro Plus Hip Adduction (I’ve weak inner thigh muscles.What can I say?!?!?!?!)
g) Walking lunges (yes, respite!!!)

Single sets of:
h) Cybex seated calf raises (can I point out that my left calf has been super funky after yesterday’s run?)
i) Reverse abs crunches

Essentially all brand new starting weights this morning. Followed by a heart inducing sprint into the shower and a record breaking (for me!) shower and get dressed and out of the mall in 15 minutes. [Scheduled fire drill at the mall at 9am and they needed to shut the place “temporarily”]

Bento Box Lunch

Fried noodles, the vegan version and no, those are not egg shreds either

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