Monday, June 6, 2011


The weekend’s runs were a cap to a solid week of workouts – Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday coupled with the adiNation Training Run on Wednesday evening. I have never felt so good prior to this…or in a long time. Shout out to Michael and my running partners.

Saturday’s LSD

Distance: 19.18km

Timing: 1:49:21 min for 5:42 min/km pace [the Garmin jammed at the halfway mark at the Petronas gas station; probably need to shave off about 40 seconds off that]

Ronnie and the guys were going to conquer about 37km and I was to join them for the 19km portion. No, make that, start with them…they can very well run on their own since their pace will be equivalent to my going to “Holland”. I had Meyyapan for company in the first half and I never ran this fast in my life! 53:37 min – holy cow! Then it was payback time on the back end – probably a minute more; could have avoided this if the cramp and fatigue had been kept in check. I am still coming to grips with the former – I made sure I rehydrated with 100Plus at the halfway mark and yet it still reared its ugly head at Bank Negara. It was slightly “better” this round since it did not come on until the turn off into Jalan Parlimen but still…and I wasn’t mentally strong to push it back. Le sigh.

Sunday’s Double Hill Recovery Run

Distance: 10.77km

Timing: 1:04:23 min for 5:59 min/km pace

Aron and I met up at 6:30 am for an easy recovery run on the DH route. Scrap that. DH is never easy! What the h*** was I thinking about?! It was a quiet Sunday morning as most runners were in Putrajaya for the New Balance-Pacesetters 15km 2011; the temp was in the early 20s as it rained overnight. Perfect! We tried to keep to a 6 min/km pace although we did hot some 5:40-5:45 min/km at km 2-3, km8 and km10/finishing. There was a slight blip at km6 (6:30 min/km) due to the hill climb and a close to target pace at km9 (back of Carcosa) for the “second” hill. All in, we enjoyed ourselves (or that is what we tell ourselves after the run, not so during the run – Aron did catch my small wail on the second hill!).

After a solid week of workouts and runs, it was nice to finish off with some yoga. It has been about 2 weeks since I was at Richard’s (oh yeah, blame the Passion Run and Sundown!) and boy, was I achy yesterday…and still am today! It was a combo of the entire week’s workout and the double runs; my hips were still barking mad last night and I decided to bail out on a planned run with Kenny this morning. I spent the rest of the weekend in recovery mode and am refueling and rehydrating like there’s no tomorrow! Hmmm, I might just do the same today!

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