Friday, June 3, 2011

Five Things Friday

1. Dinner with the fam last night was fabulous! We had Korean at Kyung Joo Mid Valley - KM and SF’s choice. Loads of grub- BBQ chicken and pork, chicken soup, fried glass noodles (chicken and vegan styles), dumpling ala gyoza fashion, egg pancake – cut like pizza slices and at least 6 side refillable dishes (hey, this is Korean after all!). I will put up the pics when I get home tonight (left the camera at home) or over the weekend. We ordered way too much, so when dessert (sliced watermelons) came around, no one could muster another bite. Except KM who had one slice. We came out from the place smelling like BBQ meat – thank goodness, it was dinner and not lunch; I’m guessing everyone had a good scrub and shower when they got home.

Starting out with some apple juice and peach tea.

Condiments and side dishes
2. Ashley is so adorable! She was a bit cranky towards the end of dinner, probably from the lack of sleep after KM and SF’s “adventures” to Grandma’s place, Ikea etc.

3. I got my birthday pressie from SW and HTN last night. Have not opened it yet – will let you in once I do so. I am excited, do not get me wrong…but I do think it would also be awesome to open it in front of SW and HTN (SW did urge me to last night but we were too caught up with Ashley). Dinner this weekend, SW?

4. Speaking of food (this must be the first time, food, meals etc have been featured so much here as opposed to fun, gym, yoga!), I have been waking up awfully hungry for the past 2-3 days. Nope, I did not skip dinner nor reduce the portion size. And definitely, no long runs during the week either. Hmmm…pac man in stomach? More (and new) muscles gobbling up nutrients?

5. Since the legs were still not happy (although I am no longer walking crab style), I suggested we do the back-and-chest combo today. I’ll be so dead when Michael puts me through the legs section on Tuesday (prayers from everyone is mandatory here!!!).

Supersets of:

a) Smith machine incline chest press

b) Plate weight bend over back row

Supersets of:

c) Smith machine bench chest press

d) LF low row

Supersets of:

e) DB decline chest press

f) LF lat pulldown (medium grip iron bar)

Supersets of:

g) Technogym cable bench chest fly

h) Technogym cable back press down (this is more difficult than using the iron bar!!! Form tends to sway with the cable movement)

Supersets of:

i) Free standing pull-ups (spectacular fail on the last set!)

j) Free standing dips

Single sets of:

k) Leg raises

P/S: do check back here over the weekend for the photo log.
PPS: check out this article in the Singapore Straits Times

BBQ stuff

Appetizers - chicken dumpling ala gyoza style and egg pancake ala pizza slices

Stir fried glass noodles with mushrooms and Chicken broth

And finally dessert - sliced watermelons

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