Friday, June 22, 2012

Five Things Friday

1. The day way too early at 5 today, so I needed this

2. Not that it helped much because in celebration of “No Panty Day”, I so conveniently forgot to pack my underwear in the gym bag. I’m that awesome.

3. I’m giving up this

to catch up with an old friend later this evening. Totally worth it. And if anyone wants front row seats to the only production in South East Asia, buzz me. First come, first serve. Pic credits to Yvents!

4. Bento Box Lunch: Nicely plated overnight oats and Nestum with 3 measly remaining baby tomatoes

5. Chest & Pec day although I had the option of Shoulders. Well at least it wasn’t legs!

Single sets of:
a) Smith machine bench chest press (drop sets; can someone tell me why the second feels so much “easier” compared to the first even though Michael loaded up?)
b) Smith machine incline chest press (and that drop set is not a drop set when only 1 plate weight is removed!)
c) DB bench chest press (repeat observation from (a); thank you very much)

Supersets of: (and the fun starts here!)
d) Technogym chest fly
e) Wide arm stance push-ups on elevated DB (I tell you folks…you can’t get any better and most “fun” than this!)

Supersets of:
f) BB bicep curl (and that can’t-lift-your-arms feeling from Monday’s workout – it’s a secondary muscle from Michael’s perspective because it surely didn’t feel that way on Tuesday and Wednesday. Summary: no escaping the bicep curl this morning)
g) Abs crunches on fit ball
h) Planks

Yesterday’s Operation Roll-the-Heck-out-of-the-Calf turned into Operation Diagnosed-as-Swollen-Calf-and-Pressure-Point-Massage. I was (and still am!) terrified when Michael said the calf/tendon/ligament whatever is swollen when he started poking and applying pressure on the various spots/muscle on the calf. That’s not even the best bit… - his shocked face when I told him that it has been going on since Tuesday. I’m deducing that any muscle soreness and aches typically disappears in 2-3 days?

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