Friday, June 8, 2012

Five Things Friday Postponed!

Due to splotchy and interrupted “Ast**” satellite connection. LOL! We’ll resume our FTF next week (hopefully!).

A bit tied {again} with work but I wanted to put down something before the weekend rolls around…which is in 2 hours for those of you regulars who get to clock off at 5:30pm! {Cue: Green eye monster rearing her ugly head!} Postponing yesterday’s run to this morning was a definitely a good idea – DOMS subsided marginally, I wasn’t too sleepy and I didn’t have to stomach an hour long boring repelling fascinating session on the elliptical.

Route: 2 laps around Taman Desa Seputeh
Distance: 2 * 4km = 8km (Garmin: 8.6km)
Timing: 46:49 for 5:24 min/km pace

Kenny wanted to get in a speedy run this morning and I’ve zero inclination to follow suit, thank you very much. There’s a reason why someone is a 3:30 pacer and I’m an hour 10km-er. Sure this is good speed work but after Wednesday’s double? Thanks, but no thanks.

Warm up: House to train station via furniture mall loop (907m; 5:41)
We started right after I got out of the car! Yeah, Kenny is early these days because he has to leave his place by 7:30 or so. Despite the no warm up walking I usually do while waiting for him, the legs felt good and wasn’t as heavy as it was on Tuesday.

Lap 1 (3.362km; 18:20)
Once I resolved to let him run hisrace”, it was all a matter of settling into my pace and watching my form and footfalls.

Lap 2 (3.396km; 17:47)
Ooohhhh…Kenny’s pace picked up quite a fair bit and the gap between us increasedEXPONENTIALLY. Ok babe, no need to kill yourself quite yet since you “might” wanna do the extra 2km along Old Klang Road/Jalan Taman Bukit Desa (yes, I looked out for the road sign driving in!).

Finishing mile: Train station to and around the furniture mall loop (983m; 4:58)
Capping off this morning’s run with another loop around the furniture mall before heading back for a quick chit chat. All’s good.

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