Thursday, June 7, 2012

adiNation Training Run – 7 June 2012

a) Boss Ronnie*
b) Adam
Route: 2 laps around Bird Park through the mosque
Distance: 7.13km (Garmin)
Timing: 37:30 for 5:15 min/km pace
*on his own

Lap 1
DOMS hit me early and by 10am, I didn’t think I could have eek any semblance of a run later in the evening; I even toyed with the idea of skipping it altogether but had promised Adam that I would meet him at 6:30pm. Oh well, we met up and I urged him to follow Ronnie but he wanted a slow and easy paced run after his weekend’s long run. Plus, Ronnie was doing a tempo. We decided to hit up the Bird Park – mosque loop in reverse starting from LG. So it was LG > Deer Park > mosque > Bird Park on the first lap and the second was mosque > Bird Park. It was definitely slow going on this lap but hey, Wednesday group runs have been designated my recovery runs anyway.

Lap 2
Legs warmed up a bit and took me by surprise when they decided to spring a fast one on this lap. Oh wow…where did that come from? Oh why bother changing something when it’s working, right? Right on…finished a few minutes before 7:15pm.

Workout Today

Cross training on the elliptical because you know…double leg workouts can do funky stuff to your quads, hammies and glutes and I only managed to put in 2 hours of snoozefest last night. Hey, it’s not even a snoozefest since it’s less than 24 hours! Not sure what went wrong with the biological clock, internal systems whatever but I woke up around 1am or so and had trouble falling asleep after that. Too much of a workout? Work stress? Randomness?

Thursday’s Mantra: 3Rs - Rest, Re-hydrate, Re-fuel.

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