Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Post Laguna Phuket Run – 12 June 2012 and Sneak Preview of Laguna Phuket International Marathon 2012

Route: 10km Hill Training
Distance: 4km + 6km = 10km (Garmin: 9.82km)
Timing: 51:40 for 5:15 min/km pace

First run since the weekend’s race. Noticed that the legs weren’t as sore as the 2 previous editions; guessing it’s either I didn’t push myself too hard (most likely!) or the body is adapting and recovering well and faster. Kenny had an early appointment and only had time for a 6km but wanted me to do a longer run.Yes, I need an authoritative figure to hand out a decree lest I take the easy way out. Hah! Even with the “decree”, I toyed with and had an internal debate on whether to continue towards the tail end of lap 1. Ok, bit the bullet and “persuaded” myself to complete the 4km route and hence today’s menu deviated from “4+6” to “6+4” – experimenting/gauging the level of energy on lap 2 after the 2km climb on lap 1. I survived!!!

Lap 1 – 6km Taman Desa route (5.963km; 31:38min)
Was trailing Kenny for the first 2.5km or so until after the fire station since I had no intention of blowing up by going out too fast. Legs felt ok-ish; then again, it should be since it was pancake flat. Certainly felt the glutes working extra hard on the upslopes after last night’s Ashtanga (read on to know why). Zooming down the slopes after 2km of butt busting and having that “internal debate”.

Lap 2 – 4km Taman Desa Seputeh route(3.430km; 17:45min)
Oh wow…glutes (actually only the right side) were feeling it. Repeat mantra: smaller steps, higher cadence. Good thing, Kenny didn’t decide on having a “race” this morning.

Lap 3 – Train station to house (411m; 2:13min)
Despite all these funny business of race + Ashtanga, the overall splits came as a surprise!

Other Stuff

Had a semi private yoga class with Kunal at Richard’s last night and boy, if Phuket didn’t kill the legs, Kunal did!!! Never never never attempt Ashtanga Mysore after a race or if you haven’t been practicing regularly (guilty as charged…on BOTH counts!). Now tell me why am I craving for more of this?

Sneak Preview of Weekend in Pics

Here’s what we enjoyed in Phuket

Race Expo

Pasta Party with Miss Thailand World (Event Ambassador) and friends

Race Day

Results & Winners


Views of Laguna compound

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