Thursday, May 24, 2012

Despite the earlier start this morning (6 am!!! which naturally meant I had to wake up even earlier for my Java+quiet time and Buteyko), I felt more awake than on any other day. I think the Buteyko helped tremendously and this morning, it felt so much better (and easier) than it has been for weeks. The thing with Buteyko is it’s unpredictability (at least for me!) – some days like this morning, it’s {more or less} effortless and some (or most) days, I feel like gauging my eyes or stabbing myself. Now if that was possible while you’re “Buteyko-ing”! I digress.

Back on the ball…Michael and I worked on legs, glutes, quads, hammies etc from the word “Go”; no cardio warm up, no lingering, no chit chat. And it was back to single workouts and 4 sets. I enjoyed the quiet time in the gym for half an hour before everyone trooped in. Enjoyed QUIET TIME, not workout or paces he put me through. There’s more than a subtle difference…in case you didn’t know. LOL!

Well technically, we did switch things up since we skipped the cardio.

Single sets of:
a) EPIC hack squat (knees felt creaky on the first set – this is probably the only occasion when a cardio warm up would help; usual weights)
b) Cybex plate weight leg squat press (yeah, something like 700lbs combined; don’t be envious…I’m sure you guys can top this up…EASILY)

Supersets of:
c) Smith machine lunges (nearly “died-ed” because the incremental was 25lbs on each side for each set though we did drop it to 10lbs on the later sets)
d) Step-up with high kicks (absolutely clueless on which muscles it was supposed to target – I was only concentrating on balancing since Michael wanted me to stand right at the edge. Nothing like palming your face at 6am, right?)
e) DB step up on last set to sub (d)

Single sets of:
f) Technogym leg extension (I refused to look at the weight stack until I finished – no point freaking myself out. New weight75lbs on finishing.)
g) Cybex prone leg curl (hammies are my weakest point. Enough said.)

Supersets of:
h) Reverse abs crunches
i) Jumping squats (lo behold! This wasn’t as bad as I feared when I first heard it. You guys wanna go out and get a lottery ticket?)

Other Stuff

Mr DOMS will probably show up early but hey, let’s talk about food. Here’s an excerpt of this morning’s conversation:

M: So have you increase your food intake?
Me: Ummm. Ummm. Ummm. (had a cardiac on hearing this! Dontcha do that to me at 6 freaking am again!!!)
M: Oh you know…the 7-meals a day plan we talked about on Sunday?
Me: MORE Ummm. Ummm. Ummm. You know, it’s a bit difficult to do that.
M: Well, like we discussed, at least increase the portion size for a start.
Me: Yeah, have been trying to do that but you know, I can only take in so much…my stomach is rather small.
M: Let’s see the scale in a few weeks.
Me: I think my “problem” is more the cardio and running I’ve been putting in.
M: All the more reason for the 7 meals.

At which point, the probably "mild" aneurysm turned into a "massive-and-deadly-major" cardiac. Right folks…I need suggestion on how to tackle this?!?!?!

Bento Box Lunch

Anyone reckon consuming bazillions of this count towards the 7 meals? Coz I'm thinking of inlcuding it in my same old, same old sandwich lunchie.

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