Monday, May 21, 2012

Five Things Monday

Another FTF missed; sorry guys. Then again, FTM maybe a nice change since I could put out a musing of the weekend in an organized format.

1. Time flies when you’re having fun! Super duper weekend which culminated in this

Dinner at Wasabi Bistro with SW & HTN. Our shared dishes

 Lime soda
 Acqua Panna Still Water
 Kumi No 1 - looks like an appetizing ice cream roll, doesn't it? It was fish wrapped around vinegared rice (I think!)
 Wasabi Bistro Sampler Set
 Dynamite Sushi Roll (it was really fiery and SW gave up after 2 of these babies)
 Vegetable & Mushroom Tempura
 Agadashi Tofu (super silky and smooth!)

Finishing with a Blackforest cake from Crowne Plaza Mutiara

Oh I definitely had plenty of “EXCUSES” to indulge myself. See why below.

2. Speaking of food and nutrition (the weekend was definitely lacking in the latter), Michael wants me to increase my daily meals to…get this…7. SEVEN. SEVEN meals a day! Someone must have commented I was getting thinner and I probably am but he thinks it’s more likely leaner and defined muscle mass. Ah but this doesn’t detract from the fact that I need to increase my muscle mass. Since SEVEN meals a day sounds outrageous, I’m planning to increase the meal portions gradually and put in more protein. Think beans, lentils etc. Oohhhh, forgive me if I should gassed any of you! BTW, out of curiosity, I weighed myself this morning…38kg…with super heavy shoes.

3. Looking forward to donning some of these – thanks SW & HTN!

4. Back-to-back runs on Saturday and Sunday and both were awesome-sauce! Kicked off the weekend with a 15km with Tham and Siak Leng – new route (for me!) through the super steep Solaris. Psstt…reward was breakfast gathering at BA with Runners Malaysia. Went back again for more of the same thing yesterday morning and Fong decided mid way (nearly gave me a cardiac) when he suggested we tack on an additional 2km to the usual BA-Hartamas route by looping Solaris. Consolation: we went in the reverse direction from Saturday. Fabio paced with me for the return journey. Shout out to everyone for putting up with me! Took the day this morning and hopped on the elliptical – the hip flexors, hammies and calves were super tight that even yoga was a struggle. I need to make friends with the foam roller. Or Chaay. Or stop being a pussy.

5. It was Back & Lats, Shoulders and Chest & Pecs over the last4 days. Michael and I kicked off the weekend on Friday with Back & Lats and met up again yesterday morning and today for the rest. Everything rocks! As in, they were tough and totally kicked my bootie.

Back & Lats

Supersets of:
a) Reverse pull-ups
b) BB bendover row

Supersets of:
c) LF cable reverse deadlift (scrapped this because it wasn’t heavy enough…so I was enjoying myself rocking back and forth - this never ever, ever happens!)
d) LF cable lat pulldown (seated on floor and done in combo with (c); since the deadlift wasn’t happening…Michael made me do single sets…at a heavier weight4 repeats!)

Supersets of:
e) Free-standing pull-ups
f) LF cable mid level back row (with medium length iron bar)

Single sets of:
g) LF cable low row
h) Single arm DB bendover row with the final set a dual handle bendover row

Supersets of:
i) Technogym cable dual handle bendover row
j) Leg raises


Single sets of:
a) Smith machine seated overhead shoulder press
b) Seated DB lateral raise (he probably read my mind and decided sitting was a better option after the “wild and back-to-back” runs I had on Saturday and earlier yesterday morning)
c) Technogym cable frontal raise
d) Technogym cable criss cross rear delt
e) Technogym cable upright row
f) Leg raises with the final rep held at 45 degrees (or so it was intended to be)

Chest & Pecs

Single sets of:
a) Smith machine bench chest press (this is gonna come back and haunt me later aka sore, achy)
b) Smith machine incline chest press (more haunting in sight…)
c) LF cable chest fly (triple haunting…ok, now I sound like a broken record)
d) DB bench chest press (some respite, sort of)

Supersets of:
e) Modified TRX chest press
f) Plate weight pull-overs (er er er 45lbs??? obviously…never mind. Repeat warning from above)

Single sets of:
g) Standing DB bicep curl (I’ve no sense of balancing nor muscular strength in my arms)
h) Reverse abs crunches

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