Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Neighbourhood Run – 23 May 2012

Route: Taman Megah lap
Distance: 5km (Garmin: 5.07km)
Timing: 26:07 for 5:09 min/km pace

Michael had a family emergency and since I got the message late, I couldn’t find a victim running partner for an impromptu run this morning. Hence, a quick short missive run around the neighbourhood.

Chinese school to turnoff at National school (3.036km; 15:55)
Legs were feeling much better and the first 500m gentle downhill slope helped warm up the engines. Onto a straight flat second km before zipping downhill at the Shell/7-11 station and we’re 3 km in.

Turnoff to house (2.035km;10:10)
Gentle climb after the turnoff and surprisingly a sub-5 pace before the same straight flat route back to the house.

And it now looks like Michael and I are starting early tomorrow…like 6 am…or earlier. Which means I’m headed to bed…like now…I wish!

Bento Box Lunch

Now tell me why you wouldn't want to end your lunch with this...

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