Monday, May 28, 2012

Five Things Monday

I will not apologize for missing FTF because I had an awesome weekend which naturally began early on Friday with a travel down south for Sundown. I’m trying to catch up with work so today’s post will be pic heavy. Yes, you can heave a sigh of relief now because you don’t have to plow through my ramblings.

1. So yes, there was a bit of a run – one of two of the majors on Singapore’s running calendar. The event shifted to the city from the previous years’ Changi Exhibition Center and in view of this, to minimize business disruptions due to the road closure, the start times were moved back later (10:30pm for 10k and 0:30 am for 21k and 42k). Here’s the swag (again, giant recyclable bag with “useless” vouchers) and the finisher’s medal.

2. Taking cue from P&C, my version of her WIAW = WIAS = What I Ate on Saturday. It wasn’t the best and especially something you guys shouldn’t imitate for race day nutrition.

The day started with java and toast with a choc spread (something a friend "imported" from Amsterdam for me) (I had more than a slice! Just compressing the junk on my pics here)

Mid morning snack of a mini choc croissant (do you see the theme here???!!!) and a Chinese pastry with black sesame seed filling which was slightly a lot charred because someone was busy FB-ing instead of watching the oven! I wonder who?!?!

Lunch was left over chickpeas & bell pepper cous cous
Tea snack of toast with jam

Rounding up the day with toast and peanut butter and crisps (don't judge!!!) after the run. Wasn't hungry and kinda tired after the event but thought I should at least eat something.

Of course hydrating myself like crazy throughout the day.

3. Great Singapore Sale kicked off on Friday. Needless to say, I worked the credit card…a bit.

4. Put in a recovery run this morning around the neighbourhood; super slow – probably due to the weekend’s race and the heat and humidity (which was the complete opposite of Singapore!!!)

5. I nearly screamed at V when I woke up on Saturday morning with a super sore and achy shoulders on account of sleeping on a soft pillow (I was bunking over for Sundown) until I realized Michael put me through the paces the previous day.

Shoulders on Friday

Single sets of:

a) Smith machine overhead shoulder press (darn it! I need to break the 65lbs stranglehold!)

b) DB lateral raise (nope still can’t do this)

c) DB bendover rear delt row

d) LF cable overhead shoulder press with iron bar (how do you people balance this???!!!)

e) LF cable upright row with iron bar (for some odd reason, this normally-easier workout turned out otherwise)

f) Technogym cable criss cross rear delt

g) Leg raises

Backs & Lats Today

Supersets of:

a) Free-standing pull-ups (nothing like starting the session with your most dreaded workout, eh?)

b) BB bendover row

Single sets of:

c) LF cable lat pull-down (medium grip) (oh so so difficult)

d) Precor T-bar (so not do-able! Especially after the pull-ups and pull-downs. Oh just me?)

e) LF cable press down (with rope) (whew! Some respite even if it’s a tiny one)

f) Technogym cable criss cross row (what is it about today??? Not sure if it’s the after-effects of Sundown or the super humid and super high temps)

g) DB bendover back row (Michael decided to increase the weight EXPONENTIALLY when it looked like I was “enjoying” myself during the first set. “Look” is the operative word here.)

h) Roller abs

i) Reverse pull-ups (aarrgghhh… I thought we were done after the abs…I thought wrong! BTW, having the bar set so low = uber difficult. Try it and tell me if it doesn’t throw your back/lats out!)

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