Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hauling A**

Some of the previous entries here, here and here. Amongst others.

It was definitely one of the tougher sessions – quantity and quality if you consider piling on the weights as such. Hey, more buck per gym time + equipment utilization, I guess.

Supersets of:
a) EPIC hack squat (we hit a new weight this morning; 690lbs)
b) Cybex seated calf raises

Single set of:
c) Cybex plate weight loaded leg squat press (whew! Michael didn’t load up…but we started with a heavier weight and naturally, the incremental came earlier)

Supersets of:
d) Plate weight walking lunges (wowzers…the 25lbs didn’t feel that bad although I was secretly hoping it was 10lbs when he was walking towards me at the start. Good thing it was 25lbs…I guess…remember that more buck for utilization ratio earlier?)
e) BW squats on the Bosu at the halfway mark of the lunges (not bad…e-yikes! I can’t believe I’m saying things like “not bad” on a leg workout day!)

Supersets of:
f) Technogym leg extension (never a good thing after doing (a), (c), (d) and (e); then again, it’s never a good thing because leg extensions are concentrated movements and the burn comes WAY WAY earlier and is excruciating)
g) Nautilus Hip Adduction (OMG! Michael pinned a heavier weight {payback time?}…and I can’t even “comprain” about my inner thigh soreness tomorrow lest someone thinks it was due to acrobatics in bed. Right, I think this post should be rated PG21 or PG18!)
h) Cybex prone leg curl

Single set of:
i) Precor AbCrunch

Bento Box Lunch: This is way prettier than my lunch – mini cupcake treat for dessert from a colleague.

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