Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Recovery Run – 3 April 2012

Route: BA > Bird Park > Planetarium > National Mosque > Bird Park > LG + 2 laps of LG
Distance: 4.8km + 4.6km = 9.4km (Garmin: 9.18km)
Timing: 48:47 for 5:18 min/km pace

Continued to be plagued by shin splints from Sunday’s race, so it was to be an easy run to shake out the legs. The legs has been so angry since then and the only thing they wanted were these (pic from file but you get the idea)

BA > LG (4.651km; 25:42)
Km1, km2 and km4 were hill climbs.

Km1: Going up Bird Park…slow start, warm up, if the shins had eyes, they were glaring angrily at my brain. Super tough km with the shins screaming with EVERY step.

Km2: Shins: What????!!!! We gotta go up Planetarium???? Didn’t you get the memo from the last km??? Geezzzz.

Km3: Whew! Let’s enjoy the downhill rewards.

Km4: Fudge it…slope at MGS which goes on to Bird Park. Well at least, I think someone at DBKL got the memo because the Bird Park section was lighted.

LG Lap 1 (2.279km; 11:33)
Back at the lake…crap 2 more laps…on angry shins. Ok, since this is supposed to be an easy run, let’s not kill ourselves here.

LG Lap 2 (2.264km; 11:26)
Ok, let’s slow it down a bit.

Finished up with a short and easy cool down on the cross trainer in the gym. If only I have the mini foam roll/stick…anyone has a spare? Or know where I can get one? The gym has the standard (read: big) ones and it would be way too obvious if I try to smuggle that out.

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