Thursday, March 8, 2012

{Interrupted} adiNation Training Run and Recovery Run

adiNation Training Run – 7 March 2012

We had to bag this one yesterday evening due to the rain (and in some areas, thunderstorms)…which continued more or less unabated until mid morning today. It was probably for the best too since my legs were shox from the kicka** workout (hey, I actually feel bada** saying that!! Humour me!) I had in the morning.

The most kicka** award goes to the Dutamas Runners who did a night trail run yesterday in the RAIN no less! Way to go guys!

Recovery Run – 8 March 2012

Route: 3 laps around Bird Park and 1 lap around LG
Distance: 3 * 2.6km + 2.3km = 11.1km (Garmin:10.84km) (1km transition from BA to LG)
Timing: 59:03 for 5:26 min/km pace

After Tuesday’s hill-tempo-ish training and yesterday’s workout, the legs were definitely goners. Cue: I was shuffling in the office yesterday and was nursing full blown DOMS for most of the night (still am!). Kept the pace very easy and tried to enjoy the cool quiet morning. It was drizzling throughout the run, so it was very manageable. Not so manageable were dodging the vehicles, being blinded by the said vehicles headlights, side stepping puddles pools of water, running in the dark when the street lights went off at 7am (or was it earlier?).

Lap 1 (2.541km; 14:44 min)
Warm up. Bumped into the shirtless and flag totting guy. {Higher numbers for this lap because I started at the car park}

Lap 2 (2.527km; 13:47 min)
Hmmm…feeling good…let’s roll with it. We’re 2/3 done. Yay!

Lap 3 (2.532km; 13:31 min)
Last lap.
Thank goodness.
Or should I go another round to make it to 10?
Are you kidding me???? Do you seriously want to mount that slope at Bird Park?
Yeah, you’re right…let’s just do the mini lap around the lake.
Now you’re talking sense.

Transition from BA to LG (1.06km; 5:13 min)
Crap! The left side of the road is flooded.
There’s a car behind me and I’m running in the middle of the road.
D*** it! Stepped into 2-inch murky pool to the side of the road to avoid being road kill.
My feet are wet! it's all your fault! Tell me again, why didn’t we do that one lap around Bird Park?!?!?!

LG Lap (2.228km; 11:44 min)
Kept it easy to wrap things up for the day.

Thursday’s Mantra: 3Rs - Rest, Re-hydrate, Re-fuel.

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