Friday, March 9, 2012

Five Things Friday

1. Currently checking out flights to London for Alumni Weekend. That’s happening on 22-24 June; there about 20 odd friends who have signed up even though this year is not our major milestone – 2013 is! And you can be sure who’s going then! With the Olympics in summer, I may just stay on and catch the action – Jess’ parents have an extra {and unoccupied} apartment in Battersea! What do you think?

2. Work is feeling blah or maybe it’s me feeling blah! Hence, I’m thinking of that summer sabbatical. Any ideas how I should get over this funk?

3. Nokia mobile cammy sucks. Hopefully HTN can go cammy shopping this weekend. BTW, any recommendations for an entry level, absolutely basic and fool proof digital cammy, something I can throw or knock around? Er cheap would be the topping on the cake.

4. Currently contactless on the mobile as the IT guys are configuring my mobile, BB and email but hey, this means I should be walking out tonite fully accessible on the mobile and BBM (golly, I didn’t think I would miss ya so much BBM!). Now maybe if the BB cammy works as well as my RIP Lumix.

5. Shoulders (and a lot of it!!!) and arm workout this morning. Workout was unmemorable…what was memorable was Michael showing me a clip he got from one of the members.

The goss on this - crime scene: P2 Mid Valley Megamall; crime: voyeurism between 2 guys at the side of the car bonet, a crime punishable under current local legislation. If any of us were mean, it would have been uploaded on FB2 days ago…by which time you’re reading this…it would have been stale news. BTW, excellent blackmail material we have here. Wait…one of those guys was wearing the Nike I Run KL yellow tee.

Oh yeah, that workout this morning…

Single sets of:
a) Smith machine standing overhead should press (sucky because I felt weak)
b) DB lateral raise (even more sucky coz it was a new-to-me weight and …we’ll keep it at sucky)

Supersets of:
c) DB bendover rear delt fly
d) DB Roman overhead should press

Single set of:
e) Technogym cable upright row

Supersets of:
f) BB skull crusher/French press
g) BB bicep curl (again!)

Single set of:
h) Reverse abs crunches

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