Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Hill Training – 6 March 2012

Route: BA > LG > Deer Park > Bird Park > Planetarium > National Mosque > Bird Park > LG + 1 lap around Lake Gardens
Distance: 9.92km (Garmin)
Timing: 51:52 for 5:13 min/km pace

It’s been a while since I ran this route mainly because I was training regularly with Kenny around the Seputeh-Taman Desa-Kampung Pasir area. Plus this route is hilly and I try to dodge these as much as I can notwithstanding knowing that hill trainings are good blah blah blah. I always had this romantic notion of hitting double digits before the workday and most times, do hit them…if I’m running with someone or a group; left to my own devices, I’ll be lucky to hammer out 5km. You guys have this vision too, right? What?!?!?!? Only me?

Let’s get back to today’s run; BTW, it was awesome-sauce. Started the run in cool temps and it stayed that way until the end. The only downside was the lingering flu – hacking, scratchy throat, snot etc. Le sigh…spoiled the picture. Rude!

No specific plan or target pace…just head out and run, maybe keeping it easier after Sunday’s race. Plus I’m sore from yesterday’s training – er, even though it was upper body work, may I remind you that you need to be in an upright position to run?!?!

BA > LG (1.041km; 5:38 min)
Warm up. Felt good, legs were good to go.

LG > Deer Park > Bird Park > Planetarium > National Mosque > Bird Park > LG (6.601km; 34:38 min)
Awesome evenly splits for the climbs except the last one at the school heading back to Bird Park. Naturally, the km5 downhill number was way lower.

Hmmm…odd, I’m usually close to wiping out after this section, especially that last climb, but not this morning. Must have taken it a bit slower – on checking the splits now, the answer is a “Yes”. I feel so like blaming the dodging of the wreck that we have as roads which were water-clogged for my half-baked split here. I wonder where all the tax money went!

LG Lap (2.281km; 11:32 min)
Again even splits – doubly yay since the second km is the climb at the waterfall.

Ok, let’s go with the momentum and get this lap done. Blatant lie. The climb at the second km wasn’t easy but picturing Ashley and Hayley waving at me at the top helped.

Finished up with some cross training on the elliptical and abs crunches at the gym. Great start to the day. Now if only this happens everyday

Wishful thinking.

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