Thursday, February 23, 2012

adiNation Training Run and Thursday’s Shortie

adiNation Training Run – 22 February 2012

a) Suresh
b) Vijay
Route: Inter-State
Distance: 9.66km (Garmin)
Timing: 52:27 for 5:25 min/km pace

It was a small turnout for yesterday’s run – Kei Ming was in Melaka for a work event; KK was sick; Ronnie = ??? (don’t think it was because of Ash Wednesday since he’s not Catholic).

No one in the group had any plans for busting out a tempo or anything close to that: Vijay had done a long run the previous day with KK (something like (8 laps * 2.3km) and Suresh was nursing a sore-ish foot. Moi? A bazillionexcuses”; where do you want me to start? Vijay took us on a modified route, something of the reverse of what we usually do and since it was the Inter-State route a.k.a. hillslong inclines, steep inclines etc, I got my bootie busted! Especially after the morning’s “date”. Wanna see how a crab walks? Come on over!

Km1-2: Slow warm up miles with the second that included the climb up the pedestrian bridge and the start of the those inclines.

Km3-4: Skipped the Carcosa incline which we were going to do on the way back – oh yeah…how’s that for trashing the legs after all those inclines?!?!?! Worked our way through Jalan Selangor which unfortunately led us to a dead end around km3.4. Mind you…this was an incline! Thank goodness it was still early into the run and the legs were good (think I started to up the pace on this portion)…else I would have karate-kicked Vijay.

Km5-6: Some inclines but we were rewarded with a downhill and then a flattish Jalan Travers. Increased the pace since the horror hasn’t started and more importantly, I like to “fly down” downhills with the option of burying my face into asphalt should I {touch wood!} fall. Yes, we like to live life vicariously, else why would organizers opt for partial closure or no closure of roads during runs?

Km7-8: Horror alert! The climb up the road where the Travers police station. Read: long climb. Feel: burning quads and glutes, heart rate went through the roof, labored breathing although I managed to keep my mouth shut (sort of). Yippee…downhill…oh crap…remember the Carcosa climb we skipped earlier…

Km9: Out of Federal Hills heading back to the lake. Back up the pedestrian bridge. Back to the lake. Home stretch.

BTW, we skipped a portion of the route – the one through the housing estates – by mistake because I was a bit too far front for Vijay to shout out and he was breathing too heavily. Oh well, I guess another 600-800m won’t matter too much and there’s always next week.

Quick Missive Run – 23 February 2012

Route: 2 laps around Bird Park
Distance: 2 laps * 2.6km = 5.2km (Garmin: 5.19km)
Timing: 26:44 for 5:09 min/km pace

Quick missive run this morning; was in ZERO mood to do anything more because (1) I got bored, (2) fourth consecutive of running and (3) more importantly, my legs were sore. Super sore…thanks Michael, thanks hill training yesterday. I’m tempted to walk barefoot in the office today (I’m already in my Terra Plana!) because the sole of my feet are so tender. And this is with wearing Vibrams; can’t imagine what it’ll be if I ran naked. [Pun intended] Can someone please explain to me why the roads around one of the more expensive neighbourhoods (Federal Hills) and the public park are so “rough”???

Eh, let’s get back to this morning’s run
• The splits: negative splits: 13:38 (2.58km) and 13:04 (2.612km)
• Random middle aged portly, shirtless guy carrying a white flag running in the opposite direction at km1 of the lap
• Km2 of the lap is a b**** [big opppss!!! It's Lent and I'm not "supposed" to be cussing!]since it’s the EXACT spot where the steep incline starts
• Felt like fall with so much brown leaves on the road

Other news

• Ash Wednesday was yesterday; 40 days of Lent. What are you guys giving up or resolving to do? Me = doubling the amount I put in my kitty everyday. I usually put my loose change and $1 into a jar everyday. So this means for the next 40 days, it’ll be loose change + $2. It’s a small amount but good enough for a meal or 1-2 race registration or even a tank top.

• Hayley has arrived!

• Today’s Bento Box Challenge: Toastie with PB & J and banana (we couldn’t have stomached that PB &J yesterday, could we?)

Thursday’s Mantra: 3Rs - Rest, Re-hydrate, Re-fuel.

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