Monday, February 15, 2016


A revival of sorts I guess. Yup, it has been sometime – no justifiable excuses. It’s just that I lost the spirit to blog and needed some time out. This will be a short one post and we’ll see how things go from here. No promises that the posts will suddenly flood the blog; actually I’m still thinking if I’ll even hit “print” on this one.
Despite the CNY hols last week (perfect excuse for slacking!), Michael and I put in 3 full days [pat on the back, please]. So this morning’s session didn’t really felt there was any time away.

Back & Lats

Supersets of:
a)    LF cable lat pulldown (Guna used to call this the “mother of all back workouts” and “mother” did really made sure we worked the lats as the weight bar kept increasing)
b)    BB deadlifts (IMHO a 5’ + girl looks odd handling the long 45lbs bar; just too difficult balancing which got worse when the weight plates were included. The thought that kept me going: stop whining, the faster you get this done, the closer we’ll be done!)

Supersets of:
c)     LF low row with a straight bar (not too bad…until the weight stacks started going up in which case FML!)
d)    BB bendover row (at least we didn’t use the long bar! Yeah, sorta consolation)

Supersets of single arm:
e)    Bendover DB row (wasn’t too bad)
f)     Overhead DB row (whatever…it’s something like an overhead swing but not really; this was tough for me coz I’ve weak upper arms/shoulder/back muscles)

{Finale} supersets of:
g)    Chin-ups (why does the toughest one have to be the last????!!!)
h)    Precor Abs Crunch

And we’re done!

Some random pics from the weekend…where I ran outta body lotion and sub that with face cream…and when that ran out, sub that with whatever I could scrap from the body lotion bottle and dropped some lavender oil (hey…this is to maximize mileage).

So it was a whew…when I got my hands on the body crème last nite. The Natta box? Oh, that’s my just-ordered face mask (it’s green and I probably scared the hellavu anyone who I passed by).

And this is my angpow from our team head. Wanna take a guess on the amount? Let’s just say we’re super happy.

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