Wednesday, June 29, 2016

I'm Back!

It’s been a busy few months (ok, a few years) with the re-org at work and with that the changed dynamics at the office (subtle way of saying…you know what!). I’ll try to get back to regular posting and by that I mean, a post every few months. Wahahahahaha!

The day started early and yet I only have time for a 1-mile warm up?!?! What gives???!!! Compounding the misery was my-most-dreaded-body part-workout aka legs! I guess this would be the time to apply the adage “get it over and done with”.

Leg Workout

Supersets of:
a)    Squats (naturally it wouldn’t be a workout if the weight plates do not keep stacking up!)
b)    DB sumo squats (this was a high rep workout so the DB even at 27-30lbs didn’t feel too strenuous)

The nightmare continues…

Supersets of:
c)     Leg hack squat (horrifyingly for me…the weight plates continue to stack up. Are we seeing a pattern here????!!!)
d)    Jumping squats (OMFG! Gotta be kidding…that many squats?!?! And in succession?!?!)

Supersets of:
e)    Leg extension (for the first time this morning, we kept to the same weights!)
f)     Prone leg curl (we had to swap this with the split lunges since the legs were jello-o-o-o-o after the multiple squats)

Supersets of:
g)    Calf raises (nothing tragic happened)
h)    Split lunges (ah…much better…I meant my form or at least I didn’t look like a drunkard on the gym floor like I did during the first set which we tried after the leg extension)

Capping off Wednesday morning with abs crunches on the Precor.

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