Monday, December 9, 2013

A Weekend of Legs

And more legs than I care for. Started with a Leg Workout on Friday followed closely with a short run around DPC as a prelude to Richard’s class on Saturday and concluding with a grand finale in Putrajaya yesterday morning.

Photo credits to Running photos , Leong Kwan Weng and Leslie Ho

With da gang at Putrajaya

And on one of the many rounds

If Michael had suggested we do Legs this morning, I would have karate-kicked the fella! No. Kidding. Was super sore at the hips and back of knees after the big walk and contemplated taking the day off today but luckily, they were much better when I woke up this morning. Thought I wouldn’t need the compression stuff today. I thought wrong. And so I look and feel like a bak chang dork with the 2XU in the office. Go ahead…laugh!

Single set of:

a) Smith machine overhead shoulder press (hey only the lower limbs are numb! Though I wouldn’t have made that statement yesterday while I was comatose on the couch for the WHOLE DAY)

Supersets of:

b) DB lateral raise

c) LF cable upper back row with iron bar (laughed out loud when Michael told me to bend my KNEES slightly!)

Single set of:

d) Medicine ball frontal raise (and the KNEE bending advice continues…)

Supersets of:

e) BB upright row on Bosu (I’ll take credit for my suggestion, thank you very much)

f) Technogym cable criss-cross upper back/rear delt row (dropsets)

Single set of:

g) Abs roll out on Bosu

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