Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Yup, it’s been a while since I logged on. No worries, I still kept up with most of your blog posts, tweets, FB updates, WA etc. Blame it on work, procrastination at its best aka plain lazy, lack of inspiration, burnt out etc. Whatever.

Tons had happened outside the blog – it might even take me some time a long time to bring you up to date. Oh…sorry…preposterous of me to think you care!

Right, let’s go easy. Here’s this week’s Five Things Friday – a summary of my workouts.

1.        Monday was Legs’ day and just to make sure it the message hammered through, the weights increased…EXPONENTIALLY. Naturally, I rewarded myself with this

Though the therapist probably wanted to faint at the sight of my feet.

2.        Short run around Bangsar mainly coz my legs were protesting.

3.        Another short run around the neighbourhood mainly coz my legs were still protesting. And since we’re gluttons for punishment, how about 11 sets of Batu Caves training after the run. But Wednesday is all about the best sight of the week: the priest leading the cow up the 272 steps to the temple. Of course that meant I couldn’t quit coz if the cow could do it, surely I could. Naturally I didn’t pooped 3x on the way up like it did. Oh yeah, Happy New Year!

4.        Told myself to pull up the big girl’s panties and just run Jalan Telawi, Jalan Bangkung, Jalan Telawi on Thursday morning. That and zig zagging up the streets to hit the round number on the Garmin at the end of the run. I’m anal like that.

5.        Friday’s all about winding down, right? Which probably explains why I was lollying with work. Or maybe my shoulders and arms are sore from this morning’s workout.



A happy new year to you!
I can't help but noticed a bunion is forming on your right foot. Perhaps this thing is causing you pain whenever you run. But I might be wrong, but anyway you should check with your GP first.Preventing your bunion from getting more serious should be your priority.

Sue's Ramblings said... pain. Bunions are hereditary; all ladies in my family has them from grandma to mom to aunts to sis. They're painless and don't bother us.