Monday, September 2, 2013

Fitline’s Fitness Drink - My Crapalistic Experience

So someone thought I was weak and “lacking Chi” and thought I should give Fitline’s supplements a try – hard sell was in the works! Wokie, why not give it a try. After all, it was marketed as “all vitamins, nutrients and au-naturel”. And it took me a whole month to figure out why these things were happening to me!!!!!

Labored breathing on each run (I took the drink 10min pre-run; nothing on strength training days)

• Feeling outta breath on each room; having to stop at km2-3

• The 6min pace felt like 5min pace

• That heavy feeling in the tummy during runs

Numbness on my right foot that I couldn’t feel the ground (yes, that’s why I fell during the run)

What gives????!!!! This supplement was supposed to replace, add on to the nutrients in my body and was supposed to keep my energy up. Instead it was the complete 180 degree opposite. The possible explanation offered by a pharmacist friend and collaborated by my dietician cousin and 2 trainers: some supplements can be “hard” on the body system and soaks up/takes a lot of energy to be digested; maybe all that energy was diverted to the digestive system instead of the legs, heart and lungs.

Does make sense, right? Oh well, stopped ingesting this “vile” stuff but it’ll take another 2 weeks for it to clear from the system. Or longer! 3 days after stopping, my breathing was still hard and labored so much so that Kenny was concerned during one of our runs. Know something – I think the stuff is really powerful coz my shaker which I used to mix the drink had that lingering orange flavor in it even after 2 days (and yes, I do wash the shaker with soap, even soaking it for 30min before washing). That should have keyed me in – so many clues and yet I was blind to everything! Really thought I was getting weak – which in a sense I was coz I was on this stuff!

Oh well, lesson learnt. My body is probably more sensitive to chemicals and processed stuff than most since I’m vegan and have more or less adopted a “clean” diet. Trust me on this…even having a small bite of potatoes from or a dollop of chicken curry throws my breathing outta whack. Think nausea, difficulty holding the Buteyko breathing etc.

Hey, it’s just me. I’m sure most will be fine with the stuff and may even “fly” on their runs and workouts.

Back to regular scheduled programming.

Kicked off the work week with some chin-ups and pull-ups. Yup, it was Backs & Lats day.

Supersets of:

a) Free-standing pull-ups (the most effective workout…for me; like I said earlier, it works for some, not others. The key is to {keep} finding yours)

b) BB bendover row

Supersets of:

c) LF cable close grip lat pull-down (you know pretty much every workout after the pull-ups is a washed-out or extremely difficult)

d) Precor T-bar (add to that…an increased load)

Supersets of:

e) LF cable wide grip low row (medium to wide grips ain’t just my thang!)

f) DB single arm row (sorta a recovery)

Supersets of:

g) KB deadlift on the Bosu (my idea! Trying to reach within waving distance of some semblance of an abs which was all fine until the final set when the load went up exponentially. Gulp!)

h) Reverse pull-ups on the modified TRX (great! Another pull-up!?!?!?!?)

Single set of:

i) Reverse abs crunches

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