Friday, August 23, 2013

Bullet Points for Friday

1. This was yesterday’s aftermath after tripping at Seputeh. [warning: skip, scroll down if you've gory-sight phobia]

2. This was this week’s pampering myself after #work #stress and #fall (above).

3. This was this morning’s workout. Eagle eyes outside would have noticed something missing!

Supersets of:
a) LF cable close grip lat pulldown
b) DB single arm row

Supersets of:
c) Precor T-bar row
d) DB deadlift

Supersets of:
e) LF cable low row
f) LF cable reverse pulldown/pressdown

Supersets of:
g) DB rear delt fly on Bosu
h) Abs rollout balancing on medicine ball (switched to a more stable one after the failed attempt with the bigger one)

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