Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Track Tuesday – 3 September 2013

Route: UM

Distance: 4.79km hills + 4 * 400m

Never learn the lesson – never start a run with an uphill climb!!!! That friggin Bukit Chinta climb was a one extremely long km!!!!! Then it was rollers – it’s been years since I was back and obviously I’ve short term memory! Lucky Kenny didn’t suggest a 2-loop run! Bumped into Mich on the last 800m and her comment takes the cake of the day! “Wah, why are you guys so fast? Kenny (who was in front) runs like it’s so easy and seems to be enjoying himself.

Nonetheless to say, the melodrama by Drama Queen during those 4 sets: “I’m dying”; “I can’t do this”; “Can we do a shorter distance?” etc. Answer: no.

So took off on the first 3 sets instead of following coach and only nailed it aka follow his pace on the last one. Guess what…that last one was the fastest! What gives?!?!?!

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