Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Taman Seputeh Interval Training – 6 August 2013

Route: 1km and 300m repeats
Distance: 5.89km (Garmin)
Timing: 38:48 for 6:35 min/km pace

4 * 1km repeats with 4min RI

How can the week pass so quickly?!?!?! Intervals are akin to my leg workouts aka nemesis. Intervals = running like mad, in Kenny’s words. Messed up with the Garmin – gotta do something about that Start/Stop and Lap Reset buttons! Hence the splits are all over the place.

Set 1: Warm up and we probably went long. Odd that that Garmin only beeped towards the end of the road; even Kenny asked why I was still running like mad.

Set 2: Hoping to trail Kenny but started off too fast; does trailing him after the turnaround count????

Set 3: Repeat phrase from set 2.

Set 4: Changed the route and headed to the cemetery road as traffic was getting heavy. Scary stuff…perhaps more motivation to run faster. Oddly, this route felt easier.

4 * 300m repeats with 30sec RI

How did we jump from 100m to 300m?!?! Overestimation on the part of the coach. Half dead on EACH and EVERY set.

Similar to the previous week, cool down with an easy workout on the elliptical and abs crunches.

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