Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Taman Seputeh Interval Training – 29 July 2013

Route: 1km and 100m repeats
Distance: 6.42km (Garmin)
Timing: 39:22 for 6:08 min/km pace

4 * 1km repeats with 5min RI

Adding a bit of piaazzz to our run to break the humdrum. Started at the top of the road after Le Chateau 1 heading towards Kuen Cheng school, u-turned at the school and head back.

Set 1: Warm up (nope, that 250m climb from Le Chateau 2 doesn’t count). The only set where the pace was above 5:00min/km.

Set 2: Getting into the groove of things. I hope.

Set 3: Kenny tripped after the initial climb; this was after the bend and this threw us off balance. Surprisingly, my fastest lap. No, you don’t have to trip yourself the next time!

Set 4: Followed the pacer and the pace was slightly slower than I would like to. Oh well, conserve the tank during the initial climb…wise move.

5 * 100m repeats with 30sec RI

Traffic was getting heavier and Kenny moved our “playground” to the compound of the apartment block. Yes, I’m pretty sure the neighbours were wondering what the 2 bozos were doing running around the block before 7am. I actually like this set compared to the previous – short term pain! Or rather it’s over before the pain set in.

Finished up with some cross training on the elliptical and abs crunches at the gym.

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