Monday, August 5, 2013

Numbers Game – the Deets

Stats from {sweat-fest} and {mile-fest} weekend

Saturday morning: 13.52km from BA-Solaris-BA with 10km warm up; next 2km of 80-100m intervals; final 1.5km cool down jog. Super heavy legs from the previous day’s workout and onset of sore throat and flu.

Sunday morning: 20.32km at Bandar Kinrara with LYN gang. Slow and easy especially with the dry sore throat, flu-ish and fever-ish symptoms.

Sunday evening: 11 sets at Batu Caves – I walked, not Ronnie’s style of racing. Miscounted! Had intended to do 10 – hey, walking up BC is meditative and therapeutic for me.

Guess what?!?!?! Calves were OK this morning!!!! None of the 3-day DOMS from BC, fingers and toes crossed. To be safe, cross training with Back & Lats strength workout. Ok, maybe not that safe when the session rolled around with the pull-ups.

Supersets of:

a) Free-standing pull-ups (12 reps is the new gold standard; still not easy)

b) DB bendover row

Single sets and dropsets of:

c) Hoist lat pull-down (basically thrashed the lats from the previous workout; guess this is the Hanson’s version of strength training)

d) Precor T-bar row (and that machine weighs a ton even without the weight plates!)

Supersets of:

e) Technogym back row on Bosu (working on flexibility, stability and core…without reducing the weight count)

f) DB overhead reverse pull (looks like the Bosu is now the firm favourite! Actually this one wasn’t too bad vis-à-vis the previous workout)

g) Abs roll out on small pillow/cushion/Bosu (see what did I tell ya…core work today!)

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