Tuesday, April 16, 2013

PACM Annual Dinner 2013 – Pictorial Edition

[edit: I wrote this yesterday but forgot about it till this morning.]

Runners gathered and let their hair down for the PACM annual event at Klang Executive Club on Saturday night. There were feasts, singing, dress ups, comic actions, “Psy” and most importantly, great camaderie and company with likeminded folks.

Photo credits to Mr Chan and Dannie as well

Sat with Mohan, Uncle Oliver and Angelane

Yim and Elaine

Look who got all dressed up

With Uncle Oliver

Kelvin and his angels

Monday Blues

Hit hard this morning – I was lethargic and seriously considered bagging this morning’s planned leg workout and swapping it for a chest (Michael’s initial suggestion) or shoulder routine. Then again, no guarantee that I won’t be lethargic or tired as the week progresses and it’s really postponing the inevitable. And do you people really wanna hear my whines for a few more days? Thought so.

Hah! Something happened between getting up and starting this week’s workouts…I surprised myself and Michael by rocking it! Yeehah! Yes, I’m gloating…live with it.

Single set of:
a) Smith machine squats (back to 25lbs increases for each set; maybe more coz I refused to look closely in case I freak out!)

Supersets of:
b) Cybex plate weight loaded leg squat press (discovery and miracle number 1! Michael was hesitant about me doing this but we compromise and reduced the weight load)
c) DB raised static lunges (discovery and miracle number 2! At this rate, if the shops had been opened, I would have made a mad dash and buy a few lottery tickets! Oh, doing the actual workout was you know, you know…you know la!)

Supersets of:
d) Technogym leg extension (nothing like starting at the last heaviest load and there’s nowhere to go but up. Yup, powering through Monday blues)
e) Cybex prone leg curl

Single set of:
f) Cybex Eagle Abdominal (bear and grin through it if you want the 6 or 8 pack!)

Oh if any of you considered doing a back-to-back Back & Lat workout and Vinyasa Yoga the following day – don’t! Here’s the silly equation

Friday’s Back & Lats + Saturday’s DH (snake spotted!) + Saturday’s Vinyasa Yoga = Sunday’s comatose and DOMS

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Surya Yoga said...

Monday blues are the WORST! Glad you made it through =) Hugs