Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Taman Seputeh Hill Training – 16 April 2013

Route: Taman Seputeh
Distance: 5km (Garmin: 5.04km)
Timing: 31:34 for 6:16 min/km pace

Checked out a new route this morning – from Le Chateau to the train station and it really pays to follow the one who knows the area else you end up in “Amsterdam”. Though Amsterdam is my one of my fav European city and I do really miss “Van Haag” (spell correct HTN?)…this morning was not the time and place for orange streak.

1st half (2.448km; 16:12)
Nothing on the plan this morning except a chit chat jog around the neighbourhood. This was an out-and-back route with a gentle downward slope from the apartments to the road parallel to the Federal Highway. After this it was rolling hills. No make that, long inclines. Kenny and I continued yakking, so yeah the pace suffered but who cares.

2nd half (2.588km; 15:20)
Since this was an out-and-back, Kenny urged me to go ahead – nah, even though I’m not TPC and am unlikely to get lost, we stuck together. After the inclines in the first bit, you get to enjoy the downhills. Ok, there were some inclines but I’m guessing it’s net downhill for this. Last comment from Kenny about this morning’s run: your kinda route – hilly!

Yeah, maybe on any other day but today coz I woke up with steel bars for legs after yesterday’s workout (which I’ll post…at some point this week…I hope…).

Meanwhile, grocery shopping over the weekend netted these. Looks like this week’s lunches are settled.

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