Wednesday, April 17, 2013

LG Training – 17 April 2013: Support for Boston 2013

Route: 2 laps around Lake Gardens
Distance: 4.6km (Garmin: jammed)
Timing: 25:46 for 5:36 min/km pace

My twitter handle this morning...
Yes, I’m announcing to the world that I’m a data nerd and refused to run around the neighbourhood because I won’t know the exact distance and I’m not exactly nifty with MayMyRun. So it was drive all the way to LG just so I know the exact distance. Please laugh. You’re welcome.

Anyway, it was a short nippy run because I was pressed for time (says so much about driving all the way to LG vs running around the neighbourhood eh?) due to a 9am board meeting. Right, quick in-and-out but I had to do it. Because of

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Anonymous said...

thanks for running in honor of boston!