Friday, April 12, 2013

Five Things Friday

1. It was another beautiful (read: cool temps) and I just had to head to the park even if it’s just for a walk.

2. It’s the end of the week which equates to the attack of bazillions of zzz monsters. I usually need to armour shield myself on Mondays and Fridays regardless of how many shut eye hours I get. Hopefully this will come in handy. Or maybe not.
[old recycled pic but you get the idea]

3. It took me more than an hour to get home in the past 2 days which naturally meant dinner was at 9:30pm. Can we have smoother traffic this evening? Prettty please…coz this sista have a “Yum Cha” session with the gang. Provided the zzz monsters can be kept at bay.

4. Thank goodness Buteyko was "good-to-me" this morning. If you had been in the same room as me in the past 2 morning, you would have called the paramedics PRONTO!

5. Pull-ups should be the first order of the day, when energy levels are high!!! Not the last! Oh it builds endurance? Ok, if you say so…then you do it. :P

Supersets of:
a) LF cable lat pulldown (the mother of all back workouts. No wait, that’s reserved for the free-standing pull-ups)
b) Plate weight bendover row

Supersets of:
c) LF cable low row (heavy, heavier, heavier…and just when you thought that was the breaking point…it’s now)
d) LF cable upper back row

Supersets of:
e) Modified T-bar row with BB and plate weights (felt kinda puny on this...couldn’t upz sie weight)
f) LF cable reverse pull-ups

Supersets of:
g) Free-standing pull-ups on True Stretch (thought I escaped this. I thought wrong)
h) Technogym cable criss cross rear delt

Single set of:
i) Reverse abs crunches

Now it seems some of my limbs may fall off today or tomorrow.

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