Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Midweek’s for Leg Massacre

Reviving the series; it’s been a while since the last whinefest on this. We really had to go heavyduty after yesterday’s friendly banter with Pui San on Whatsapp. Everything was 4 sets and dropsets and high reps. I’m a glutton for punishment! Let’s go on with the show!

Single sets of:
a) Smith machine squats (full range and Michael didn’t allow me to cheat and kept adding 25lbs loads. Operative word: add)
b) Cybex plate weight loaded leg squat press (tell me how can the glutes be sore when we’re only starting?!?!?! Workout nummer zwei and I could feel IOMS!)

Supersets of:
c) Technogym leg extension (if you had trouble mounting the stairs to the mezzanine floor for this workout, how the heck are you supposed to be “extending” 70+?!?!?!)
d) Cybex prone leg curl (looks like last week’s discount was a one-off offer)

Single sets of:
e) KB walking lunges (where I felt like collapsing flat out and if I could swing, lift the KB higher than my waist, would have flung it outta the window, door whatever)
f) Reverse abs crunches (remember the statement above? Despite not being able to do (e) quite like what I wanted (perfectionist!), I suggested static lunges. At least someone was sane this morning and vetoed the proposal)

So tell me how did your day start?

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