Thursday, October 4, 2012

Desa Waterpark Training – 4 October 2012

Route: Seputeh – Desa Waterpark – Taman Desa
Distance: 10.31km (Garmin)
Timing: 54:49 for 5:19 min/km pace

Early start as usual; I can’t believe it’s been a week since we last ran together. There was an initial hesitance about doing this route after last week’s shoot out (Kenny T didn’t even know about it!!!!) but oh hey, lightning doesn’t strike twice, right? Ummm, let’s repeat this mantra for the rest of the way.

First half Seputeh – Desa Waterpark (5.097km; 27:15)
The temps has been creeping up steadily for the past 2 days, which definitely didn’t make me a happy camper. Why can’t we have the cool temps like Monday night when I ran with Kenny W at DPC?!?!?! Right, slow going for the first km and surprise surprise and more surprises: even splits for the next 4km! I just checked the stats (I don’t typically look at the Garmin during the run because it stresses me out! Big. Time.)

Next surprise: no chicken poop “fragrance”.

Next next surprise: brightly lighted path/road leading to the Desa Waterpark car park. I reckon it was due to the shoot out last week. Works for me since that road is practically littered with potholes.

Desa Waterpark – foot of Taman Desa (2.164km; 11:12)
Odd, Kenny was really slower this morning because I only met him on the way back about 500m after the turnaround. Found out later that his asthma acted up. Poor guy. Seeing that we weren’t spritzed with “fragrance” coming into the first half, the Running God decided it was high time it did so. Culprit: rubbish dump before the first km.

Climbing the road elevation on km2.

Climb to Taman Desa hilltop (1.817km; 10:19)
Decided to “fark” myself by taking the uphill climb along Jalan Taman Desa rather than battling the headwinds along Old Klang Road.

Taman Desa hilltop - Seputeh (1.206km; 5:57)
My reward – downhills!

Bento Box Lunch:
From the neighbourhood vegetarian stall: rice with spicy stir fried spinach, zucchini and assam curry fish

Thursday’s Mantra: 3Rs - Rest, Re-hydrate, Re-fuel.

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