Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Desa Waterpark Training – 11 September 2012

Route: Seputeh – Desa Waterpark – Taman Desa
Distance: 10.18km (Garmin)
Timing: 54:34 for 5:21 min/km pace

First run after the Adidas King of the Road this past Sunday and for the longest time since I started running with Kenny, I was able to keep to his pace! Score! Nothing much on schedule except put in some easy miles – PF was lingering.

First half Seputeh – Desa Waterpark (5.046km; 27:12)
Easy comfortable pace as Kenny and I caught up with news from the past week in the first km. Once we got onto Old Klang Road, it was just a matter of trailing him. Some uphill climbs near the apartment after we turned the corner; the only distinct thing (or rather smell) I remember was chicken poop somewhere around km4. Well, we certainly speeded up here. Turnaround.

That’s when disaster struck! Mis-stepped or rather left foot fell into an opening in the drain cover. Nope, I wasn’t sleeping and that “hole” wasn’t there last week. Gave out a yelp which scared the h*** out of Kenny; luckily, quick response and turned the foot around. Don’t think I twisted the ankle or pulled or strain a muscle but we’ll see how it goes throughout the day. Oh yeah…it was on the iffy foot with the PF problem.

Desa Waterpark – foot of Taman Desa (2.121km; 11:15)
Certainly dialed the pace back after that disaster. Like a lot. Oh yeah, we passed the chicken poop section...AGAIN.

Climb to Taman Desa hilltop (1.784km; 10:08)
Told Kenny I was heading back through Taman Desa and he had the incredulous look and asked me if I was sure. And reminded me that it’s a 2km HILL CLIMB. Yes, I know Kenny but I figured this was the “lesser” of the evil compared to battling the headwinds on Old Klang Road. Beats me why I always fark myself like this! Let me present Exhibit A: I take the DH back from Solaris instead of the usual out-and-back…in an effort to avoid the upslope along Jalan Parlimen in the last km. That upslope vs DH?!?!?!

Taman Desa hilltop - Seputeh (1.224km; 5:55)
Moving cautiously after the disaster and didn’t release the brakes like I usually do.

And here is Miss Ashley with her dinner (apologies for the blurry picture).

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