Tuesday, September 18, 2012

{Short} Update on the Weekend

It was a 3-day weekend and I spent most of it veggie-ing out in front of this

Attempted to put some runs after last week’s mishap and the outcome was a 50:50, maybe 30:70 if we count this morning’s. It’s still a long way away from recovery and fingers crossed, we’re working towards it. Let’s see…the aggressive interventionist approach (i.e. the feet got whacked left, right, center, front, back etc by Mr Soon on an almost daily basis) yielded these results:

Saturday: painful first half of the 6km Taman Desa route but after it “warmed up”, things got “better”. Heel was throbbing up to lunch but rest seemed to help.

Sunday: pain-free but tightening heel during the Oren Sport Royal Klang Town Run 2012; again, it “warmed up” after the first km. Oh yeah, I put myself dead right on the last row, so I was surprised to come away with this. Right, maybe not so surprising since I sped up after the first km after I got the “go ahead” from the heel. {repeat last sentence from above}

Tuesday: another slow jog around the neighbourhood to baby the foot and I’m happy to report that the heel held up well. {repeat last sentence from first day}

Yesterday was a double session – Back & Lats followed by foam rolling. Boy, you guys should tell me how to get through the latter! Some of those moves were downright painful!

Single sets of:
a) Free-standing pull-ups (I “volunteered” to start with this on the basis of “let’s just do the ones I hate most and get it over and done with”)
b) LF cable lat pull-down (iron bar; mid grip)
c) LF cable low row
d) Precor T-bar
e) BB deadlifts (ouch…lower back…now I really need to foam roll this today!)
f) LF cable back pressdown with rope
g) Leg raises

Nonetheless to say, my lats, dorsi something something, arms etc are deadweight today. Why thank you Michael!

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