Friday, September 14, 2012

Five Things Friday

Different theme for this week – it’ll be Five “Majestic” Things You Should Do to Treat Plantar Fasciities, the Sue’s version. Or whatever that bruising and tightness is on my left heel and the pinching of the tendon on the right. Yupz, looks like the feet are having a party of their own down there!

Remember that near-fall/drop into the drain on Tuesday? Took the bulls by the horn and had it “sorted out” on Tuesday evening only to have the bruising show up yesterday – apparently that’s “good news” according to my extraordinaire Chinese physician because it means the toxins etc are coming out. Naturally, we had to “drain” the remaining stuff out yesterday. If any of you have been to a Chinese physician, you know the works…and the God-awful pain.

1. Rest. Took the day off from running today and only managed to scalper through a very short run yesterday before bawling over in extreme agonizing (insert whatever adjective you can think of here) PAIN midway.

2. Ice and Heat Therapy – SW says to do it until it hurts and you can’t possibly feel anything.

3. Aggressive Graston, ART and Chinese Physician massages. I have no friggin clue how the last works but I was walking “normally” with only minor twitches and tightness this morning after yesterday’s treatment.

4. Keep up with your meals to ensure you’re getting the nutrients and maybe increase the protein, calcium etc portions so these can be diverted to heal the injury.

5. Cross train! Back on the elliptical cross trainer before a Shoulder session this morning.

Single sets of (2 drop sets):
a) Smith machine overhead shoulder press
b) DB lateral raise
c) BB standing overhead shoulder press (to maximize your workout, please double the weight plate every set!)

Supersets of:
d) Technogym cable criss rear delt (2 drop sets)
e) Wall push-ups (if you only do 1 workout today…this is the one. Humbling experience. Oh wait, every workout is a humbling experience for moi!)

Single set of:
f) Roller abs on Bosu

Something about this current feet carnage tells me that I may have to go all the way with running barefoot rather than babying with the VFF.

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