Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Cardiac Arrest Inducing Wednesday

From both the usual leg massacre and running around like a headless chicken after that. First up, the former

Supersets of (3 workouts! Something not seen in a long while!):
a) Smith machine squats (nope, not keeping the plate weight static like the previous round)
b) Cybex plate weight loaded leg squat press (no longer treated like a “baby” or “beginner” because the reps and angle i.e. go lower, full range have been changed…for the worse…in the “do-er’s” perspective. Hah? Just me?!?!?!)
c) DB static single leg raised lunges (HR went through the roof from (b) and it took nearly half a minute before it calmed down for us to start the lunges. Oh, can we ‘owww…quads, glutes…owww”)

Supersets of:
d) Technogym leg extension
e) Cybex prone leg curl

Single sets of:
f) Technogym leg press (Michael’s “foiled” plan (<insert whew, agape mouth and bulging eyes upon seeing the plate load>) was 200kg but there wasn’t anyone around to help with the first push off. Saved! Double whew! Short respite but at that point, I was willing to take anything. Including selling my first newborn if necessary! Kidding!)
g) Cybex Ab Crunch

Ahhh…you do the happy dance because you’re done for the day and week, only to find out that there was a water disruption at the gym. Which meant it was the “Olympics 100m sprint” from the gym to the house to the shower to the office. In maddening traffic. On dead lead legs. Yeah, I figured I prolong my HR in the red zone; you know…for endurance. The things I do to keep my heart and body healthy.

Now for the much delayed breakfast (it’s nearly noon now!) after the bruhahaha and maddening work since I got in.

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