Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Eid Fitri Weekend

How was everyone’s weekend? Bet most of you had a sweatfest with running, hiking, working out and more importantly, food galore at the Raya open houses! Yup, same same and it ended with a nice dinner with SW and HTN at ABC (AcmeBarCoffee). Pictures first!

Snapshot of the menu and some of the cakes on display – chocolate brownie cake, coconut cake, banana cake

HTN’s cranberry juice

Starters of toastie with salmon

Pasta porn: fettuccine seafood in pesto sauce and linguini seafood in tomato sauce

Chunky mushroom soup with mantau (aka pan-fried ever-so-slightly Chinese bun)

Dessert was their signature jackfruit aka cempedak cake and coconut cake

That was re-fuel after yesterday morning’s 10 miler (Solaris-DH) run with Kenny and this morning’s leg workout with Michael. It was a short mellow one (it's all relative anyway!) but we Michael upz zie weights. Who’s surprised?!?!?!

Supersets of:
a) Smith machine squats (high reps)
b) Cybex plate loaded leg squat press

Single set of:
c) Kettle bell walking lunges

Supersets of:
d) Technogym leg extension
e) Nautilus Nitro Plus Hip Abductor
f) Nautilus Nitro Plus Hip Adductor

Single set of:
g) Cybex Ab Crunch

Show of hands those who are glad for a 3-day work week? Or did most of you take this week off?

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