Monday, July 23, 2012

Weekend Roundup

It was another weekend down south which began early on Saturday morning with a quick shake out run around the neighbourhood before hopping onto a flight. There was a slight delay as they had to escort a passenger out. No clue why and I wasn’t really bothered except for the unnecessary delay!!!!! Why can’t they’ve stopped him before boarding or at the immigration?!?!? Nah, I didn’t have anything pressing or an appointment to get to…just that I was famished and wanted to have my brekkie!

Ah…WW III averted by this absolutely amazing dark chocolate chip muffin.

The rest of the weekend was spent gorging on some of these


{Slightly Very charred} black sesame seed Chinese pastry

Crackers with peanut butter
{Super awesome} ciabatta with black olive bread – toasted and spread with veg spread

Oh, and there was also a run which I took as a training run.

Now, back to our regular programming. Back & Lats training for this wussy this morning.

Single sets of:
a) LF cable lat pulldown
b) LF cable dual handle back row
c) Precor T-bar row (drop sets…even the empty bar at the end felt like 985,563,147,258,964,2360,856,479 tons)

Supersets of:
d) Technogym cable rear delt (when Michael offers you the option of adding the weight stack…please do not accept it!)
e) DB rear delt balanced on a fitball (darn it…this was tough since you’re attempting not rolling off the ball while your delts and shoulders are screaming and your arms can barely move 1 inch up)

Supersets of:
f) Free-standing pull-ups on True Stretch (I was wondering when we were getting to this! For one moment, I thought we were going to skip this one this week. No bueno.)
g) DB bend over row (crap! Obviously we weren’t done with killing me on the pull-ups! Sucks to be my back sometimes everyday)

Single set of:
h) Leg raises (nope, I didn’t kick Michael this morning even though he made me do the T-bar rows and pull-ups but we did try a more angled leg raise. Operative word: “try”. Does not equate to “implemented successfully” or some semblance thereof)

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