Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Post Double Run Weekend Workouts

Awfully glad to be working any other muscle group than the legs on Monday! Even the backs and lats. Then reality set in because we started with pull-ups.

Supersets of:
a) Free standing pull-ups (the first set was good…as in I could do it…somewhat but come the fourth…no so much though I did get a “second” wind)
b) Plate weight bendover row

Single sets of:
c) LF cable lat pull-down (close grip)
d) LF cable dual handle bendover row

Supersets of:
e) DB bendover row (switching to 30lbs kettlebells on the last 2 sets)
f) Technogym cable rear delt row

Single sets of:
g) DB bicep curl
h) Leg raises (unfortunately I accidently kicked Michael…no, it’s true, it was unintentional!!!)

Yesterday was a recovery run around Taman Desa Seputeh and I “worked hard” to keep the pace easy. Achieved my goal! This is rare!

Route: 2 laps around Taman Desa Seputeh
Distance: 2 * 4km = 8km (Garmin: 8.63km)
Timing: 46:53 for 5:26 min/km pace

Solo run and taking Monday off (I couldn’t have run even if I wanted to!) + overnight rain helped.

Warm up: House to train station via furniture mall (0.908km; 5:39)
Slow going but at least the legs didn’t feel like falling off. I guessed classifying this as a “junk miles” or recovery run took the edge off running crazily fast.

Lap 1 (3.39km; 18:26)
Met the uncle with the 2 dogs just before the first climb – have been seeing him a lot on our runs and we always say “hi” or “good morning”. I was positively smiling (and looking yet dorkier) even on the dreaded long continuous climb at km2 – see this is what happens if you take the pressure off yourself!!!! Met 2 loose dogs after km2, one gave chase for 10m but oddly, no fear. Sure there were barks but I think they were more distracted with the barks coming from one of the compounds. I swear I didn’t make this up!!!!!

Lap 2 (3.376km; 17:44)
Feeling much better – legs warmed up, cheesy grin still plastered on my face. I should really snap back into reality! Said hi to uncle again and repeated the mantra “smaller steps, higher cadence” on the km3 steep climb.

Finishing mile: Train station to house via furniture mall (0.953km; 4:56)
Decided to finish up with one loop around the furniture mall and not push the calves – still sore but nothing like Sunday night or Monday.

Now my butt (ok, a more politically correct term would be glutes) are sore. Good thing I’ve a wide expanse of it to distribute the ache. I so nearly wanted to bail out of this morning’s leg training (was feeling pukey after a few rounds of Sun Salutations) and Michael did asked if the legs were ok (should have grabbed the offer!). But that would be postponing the inevitable. Right, suck it up buttercup!

Supersets of:
a) {High reps} Smith machine squats
b) Cybex plate loaded leg squat press (I’ll spare you the whining on this. Why, you’re welcome)

Single sets of:
c) Kettlebell walking lunges
d) Technogym leg press (say what?!?!? Double leg press is the latest fad?!?!?! This one really kicked butt. Yeah so did the first 3 above.)

Supersets of:
e) Nautilus Nitro Hip Abductor
f) Nautilus Nitro Hip Adductor (I really have weak inner and outer thighs! Ok, more the former.)

Single sets of:
g) Technogym leg extension (where I avoided looking at the weight stack in an attempt not to freak or talk myself out of it – not that Michael would have allowed it) (drop set to boot!)
h) Cybex Eagle Abdominal

Time to get back to writing a dissertation of the Shape Run work.

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