Friday, July 20, 2012

Five Things Friday

1. It’s been raining intermittently these past 2 mornings and more in the evenings. The sun hasn’t been that strong. Temps and humidity have been lower. And I’m at work!!! Instead of sleeping in and lounging in my PJs. So not on.

2. I had “grand dameplans of putting in a short run this morning but I think last weekend’s doubles and this past week’s weekday runs have finally caught up. Or maybe I was just lazy?!?!?! The hips were sore but it wasn’t tragic enough to call it off!

3. Short strength training this morning. I was lethargic, sleepy and just wasn’t feeling it. Again, workout loads caught up. Right another excuse for lazy!

Single sets and dropsets of:
a) Smith machine bench chest press (whoa! 75lbs (150lbs total) chest flattening avoidance alert!)
b) Smith machine incline chest press (for once this was “easier” than the bench. I said “easier”, not easy!)

Supersets of:
c) Technogym cable chest press (after the failure of the RIP TRX; I must be the only one whose shoulders get worked on when the exercise is clearly for the chest. #firstworldproblem)
d) Push-ups

Supersets of:
e) Technogym cable chest fly (so obvious that the left side is weak. #firstworldproblem)
f) TRX push-ups (not the RIP version! Not after the failure of the first attempt)

Single set of
g) Leg raises (we Michael tried modifying it to make it tougher but all it did “aggravate” the already sore hips. #firstworldproblem)

4. Anyone else have problems choosing work outfits – should it be the ¾ sleeve V-neck black top or should it be sleeveless V-neck black top or should it be the high-neck sleeveless black top or should it be the tank top black top? Mind you, this goes under the cream silk jacket where you’ll probably see like 10cm*10cm of it peeping out. #firstworldproblem at 6am this morning necessitating an emergency message to my stylist aka BFF. Naturally.

5. Bento Box Lunch: Picked up a veggie puff/pie on the way in this morning

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