Thursday, July 5, 2012

Thrashing the Legs

adiNation Training Run – 4 July 2012

a) Boss Ronnie*
b) Lai*
c) KK
d) Azri
e) Suresh The Walker

Route: 1 lap around Lake Gardens + 1 larger lap through Deer Park and Bird Park
Distance: 6.82km (Garmin)
Timing: 37:54 for 5:33 min/km pace
*4 laps

Lap 1 (0.652km; 4:27)
Had walked for roundabouts 1.5km before meeting up with KK and Azri just before the waterfall. I wasn’t that crazy to start with Ronnie – only Lai took up the challenge! Azri was going slow after the weekend’s GCM and I was happy to tag along with them.

Lap 2 (2.276km; 13:48)
Chit chat session before I found myself ahead of the guys before the waterfall. Continued on my own.

Lap 3 (3.892km; 19:36)
Was pacing with a yellow shirt guy until the turn off to Deer Park – there wasn’t really any specific plan yesterday, not after the morning’s session. In fact, I was surprised I picked this route since waddling ducks on hills are not a great sight! KK called out to me as he was driving out – near the Lake Club and Suresh gave me a shout as I was re-entering the park. Thanks guys!

What was surprising???!!! The splits!!! They were about even for the route – around 5:08-5:11 min/km! For Deer Park and Bird Park! Oh wait, maybe the Garmin is wonky!

Hill Training – 5 July 2012

Route: 2 laps around Taman Desa Seputeh + 1 lap around Taman Seputeh
Distance: 2 * 4km + 2km = 10km (Garmin: 9.70km)
Timing: 52:30 for 5:24 min/km pace

I should be certified insane for going out there this morning for another round of hill training! Let’s recall: Tuesday’s Hill Training here and yesterday’s double (“killer” LEGS workout in the morning and Deer Park & Bird Park combo in the evening).

But hey, I couldn’t back out of a promise to Kenny who wanted to try out “my” route aka 2 laps + 1 lap (BTW, he skipped the last one!). Gah!

I mentioned about going out slower after yesterday’s double (why thanks for asking…my ENTIRE lower limbs are sore and have close to zero feeling of normal) and he asked if we should do the flat Desa Waterpark route. Nah…we follow your plan.

Warm up: House to train station via furniture mall (0.908km; 5:49)
Title says it all: warm up. Catching up on news, goss etc.

Lap 1 (3.449km; 18:30)
Told Kenny to go ahead if he was feeling it since my quads were sore…and this was just after the tunnel…which had a really MINUSCLE elevation. Again, he asked if we should turn around and head to Desa Waterpark. No, let’s just do this. Now if you can’t even handle a 10m elevation, what makes you think you’ll survive 2 laps of hills + hills + hills???

Know something…once we got past the 500m mark, it became “less traumatizing” and nemesis on km1 wasn’t intimidating this morning. Think Kenny dropped back around here.

Lap 2 (3.316km; 17:30)
Bah! Forgot to hit the lap reset – hence the longer distance on the first lap. Guess what??? The lap time is still slightly better than Tuesday. Bumped into Kenny on the way up and he warned me of “2 harmless dogs”. Great, just what I needed to hear! The stars must have been smiling because I saw neither.

Finishing mile: Train station to house via Old Klang Road loop (2.030km; 10:37)
Felt a bit speedy on the straight Old Klang Road – hey, let’s just enjoy it before the “up, up, up and more up” on Jalan Taman Bukit Desa, right?

I had plenty of reason to cut short this section – could have done the furniture mall loop and call it a day with 8.5km…so why pick the tougher one? And there certainly wasn’t any biker out there to foil such plans. < Exhibit 4 of Insanity>

Other Stuff: Vegan Meals

Have added or rather my mom has added a bit of variety to my dinners these days. Whereas I was eating pasta with blanched soy sausages/soy chicken cubes/shitake mushroom cubes and vegetables (e.g. spinach, lettuce), I’ve been enjoying these this past week.

Braised/stir-fried tofu (or mushrooms sometimes; not pictured) with a mix of spinach (or kale or lettuce) green peas, carrots and corn.

Bento Box Lunch: Brought leftovers for today’s lunch.

Thursday’s Mantra: 3Rs - Rest, Re-hydrate, Re-fuel.

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