Wednesday, July 4, 2012

High Reps Series II

Series I here.

The continuation of the saga of “High Reps + Heavy Weights”; I swear I’m so going to make Michael go back to heavier weights to save my skin! Figuratively and literally. The Nike Tempo waistband was so “phenomenal” and chafed me on the FIRST workout…le sigh…and we were just about to start. It was looking to be a very long morning for sure. I must be the only one who chafes while strength training.

Single sets of:

a) Smith machine squats (and the words “go down more” is still ringing in my ears)

b) Cybex weight plate loaded leg squat press (and the words “not low enough” is still ringing in my ears)

c) Kettlebell walking lunges (clearly we should have started with a lighter weight and build up because looking like some wobbly drunkard is not cool! Back to lighter weights in the second and since I was “drunk”, I asked to re-do the heavier weight in the subsequent set)

d) Technogym leg extension (no bueno to “High Reps” because the quads basically called it a day after 15. Since I was “drunk” and hardheaded, Michael I made myself do dropsets on the first 2; thereafter “begged” to change it a heavier weight. Request granted. Not saying the quads were happy campers though)

e) Cybex prone leg curl (<insert similar request from above>)

f) Cybex Eagle Abdominal

When your backs and lats are still sore after 3 days from this workout,

Michael’s terminology: Quality Workout

My preferred terminology: FML! (because we’re classy like that and obviously I’m pathetic)

I’ve a sneaky feeling that since this morning’s effort was half-baked (recall “go down more”, “not low enough”), nothing will come out of it. We’ll probably have a mini repeat on Friday with the shoulders.

I whine when I’m sore and more so when I’m not. I’m clearly a troubled and conflicted soul.

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