Monday, July 16, 2012

The weekend of Marina21k @Punggol 2012 & Shape Run 2012

Getting back into the groove of things in the office but let’s kick off the week with some pix from a stellar and awesome weekend.

Back-to-back races beginning with the Marina21k 2012 on Saturday evening and then heading out again on Sunday morning for the Shape Run 2012. Yup, less than 12 hours and is it any wonder that my entire lower limbs are numb? Not even sore…I was seriously considering asking for a wheelchair after yesterday’s run. I never do learn, do I?

Marina 21k @Punggol 2012

Shape Run 2012

Munched on SOME of these as well. Evidently I’m a bad blogger because it’s only after the meals were safely ensconced in the rotund belly of me before I realized I forgot to take a pic.

Snacks on board Firefly: mini apple pie, raisin scone and peanuts (all given away - wasn't sure if the first 2 were vegan friendly)

I snacked on these instead: crackers with peanut butter (after I got home)

Friday night’s dinner of fried noodles (loh shu fun) with stirfried eggplant

Saturday’s breakfast of coffee and toast with vegetable spread

And the white coffee at the airport was way better

Mid morning snack of orange chiffon cake

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